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HCL ZIE for Windows, a native Windows 64-bit application is a proven emulator solution that supports 3270 and 5250 systems adhering to the latest security standards. In addition to host terminal emulation, it provides these useful features:

  • File transfer
  • Dynamic configuration
  • An easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Emulator APIs such as Emulator High-Level Language Programming Interface (EHLLAPI), Host Access Class Library (HACL), and PCSAPI. For example, EHLLAPI is often used for automated operator applications which read host screens and enter keystrokes without direct user intervention.

System Requirements

This document provides the system requirements for Z and I Emulator for Windows, version 1.1. Higher maintenance levels, such as fix packs and service packs, may be supported as they become available

Supported Environments

HCL ZIE for Windows Hardware and Software Pre-requisites

Hardware Requirements

HCL ZIE for Windows supports workstations with the following hardware:

System units


The recommended system unit has an Intel Pentium microprocessor and access to a DVD-ROM drive.

A minimum of 180 MB of fixed drive space is required.

Display monitors All VGA resolution or above display monitors supported by Windows.
Video adapters All VGA resolution or above video adapters supported by Windows.
  • Enhanced keyboard (101-key, 102-key, 104-key) (Only the 101-key for Japanese)
  • Space-saving keyboard
  • Microsoft Natural keyboard
  • 5576-001/002/003/A01/B01/B05 (Japanese)
Printers All printers supported by Windows when a PDT file is not used. For more details about printers supported in PDT mode, refer to Emulator User’s Reference.
Communication adapters LAN, SDLC, COM Port, OEM, and Multiprotocol communication adapters.
Modems All asynchronous modems that use the Hayes AT command set and are supported by Windows.

Synchronous (SDLC) modems attached to a multiprotocol adapter (MPA) or SDLC adapter.

Workstation Memory Requirements

For HCL ZIE for Windows the amount of memory you need depends on several factors, including the operating system you are running on, the attachment type, number of sessions, and the use of programming interfaces such as Emulator High-Level Language Application Programming Interface (EHLLAPI) and Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).

Supported Operating System Minimum Recommended
Windows 7 1 GB 2 GB
Windows 8/8.1 1 GB 2 GB
Windows 10 1 GB 2 GB
Windows Server 2008 512 MB 1 GB
Windows Server 2012 512 MB 1 GB

Contact us

For further information on HCL ZIE Hardware and Software requirements, automation capabilities and Lab services offerings, please write to:


Akshata Betageri

Developer, Lab Services, HCL ZIE


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