Embedded servers are quite scalable and can host applications that support millions of users. Embedded server (which is a part of ZIEWeb) is included along with the deployable application, to support all the functionalities of ZIE for Web Client including a standalone server.
The main advantage of having an embedded server (One Server) is that, it is not necessary to pre-install a web server in the deployment environment to work with the application.

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Brief Description

  • The Embedded Server can be enabled by selecting embedded server while installing the Z and I Emulator for Web product.
  • Upon enabling the embedded server, a new entry is created in the NSMprop file (under the embedded web server’s private directory).
  • This server gets triggered when the service manager starts executing.
  • Administrators have the user interface to start/stop an embedded web server.
  • By default, the port number for the web server is set as 8080, and can be modified by users.

Overriding default configurations
By default, Service manager takes the default parameters defined in the code when it starts execution. But the default values can be overridden by Administrators, by defining property values in the existing (which is present in the ZIEWeb publish directory).
Below are the parameters that can be defined to override the default configurations.
publishDirContextPath = zie


  1. The Service Manager must be restarted after a configuration change, to pick the modified values from the
  2. The ZIEWEB WAR file resides in the lib folder under the ZIEWeb publish directory (Z and I Emulator for Web).
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