This blog describes how to set the custom location, if Custom HTML pages from locations other than the ZIEWeb publish directory are used.


  1. Create a new folder (like Customfolder).
  2. Launch the Deployment Wizard.
  3. Go to Advanced Options and select Code base.
  4. Specify the URL in the Code base field (Example: https://localhost/zie1).

Here, zie1 is the ZIEWeb publish directory Alias.

5. Select the newly created Custom location in the Directory field.

6. Create the HTML page.

7. Create the Alias for Custom folder in the webserver config page.

Here, the custom folder Alias is added to httpd.conf file using the Apache WebServer.

8. Access the Custom HTML page in the browser.

Here, customzie is the Custom folder Alias.

9. Launch the HTML page.


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