With ZIETrans, you can create Web applications that provide an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) for your 3270 applications running on System z® platforms and your 5250 applications running on IBM i operating system platforms.

You can also create service-oriented architecture (SOA) assets using Web services that provide standard programming interfaces to business logic and transactions contained within host applications. Data from video terminal (VT) emulation screens can also be accessed.

ZIETrans applications can be given a modern appearance. ZIETrans Web applications can be developed with an interface that matches your company’s Web, and your users can access them through their Web browsers. ZIETrans Web applications can also be developed to provide access from mobile devices such as cellular phones, data collection terminals, and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

The following figure shows the stages of development, deployment, and runtime for a ZIETrans Web application.

  • The developer uses the ZIETrans Toolkit to develop and test a ZIETrans Web application.
  • When ready, the developer deploys the ZIETrans application by exporting it as a Java™ EE application and installing and running it on a WebSphere Application Server system.
  • Using a Web browser, the user accesses the ZIETrans application.
  • The ZIETrans runtime connects to the target host system through a Telnet server.
  • As the user interacts with the host through the ZIETrans application, the ZIETrans runtime transforms host screens to a GUI.

You can configure application server for ZIETrans by following steps below:

Method 1:

  1. Open the ZIETrans toolkit click on menu bar, click Window -> Show View.
  2. Server tab will open below.
  3. To add a server Right click -> New-> Server.
  4. In the New Server Runtime Environment dialog, expand the IBM folder.
  5. Select WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile in the New Server Runtime Environment dialog box and provide path of the server in your directory.
  6. Select WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile.
  7. Select the Create a new local server box to create a new Liberty Profile server on your workspace Servers tab.

Method 2:

  1. Open the ZIETrans toolkit click on the menu bar, click Window > Preferences.
  2. In the left panel, expand Server.
  3. Click Runtime Environments.
  4. In the Server Runtime Environments panel, click Add.
  5. In the New Server Runtime Environment dialog box, expand the IBM folder.
  6. Select WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile.
  7. Select the Create a new local server box to create a new Liberty Profile server on your workspace Servers tab.

Run Application Using Websphere Liberty Server:

You can test your Liberty Profile application within ZIETrans local test environment using the Run on Server, Debug on Server, and Profile on Server functions.

Considerations and limitations for WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile

When using Debug on server to test your application, a display issue might occur on the terminal window. You might receive the following error message:

ERROR HPS5018 An unexpected exception has occurred.

Frame unable to display: java.awt.HeadlessException.

If this error occurs in the console, you can fix this problem by following these steps.

  1. In the ZIETRANS Projects view, open the Servers tab.
  2. Right-click on the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile server listed and click on New > Server Environment File > jvm.options.
  3. Add the value to the file:


4. Save and close the jvm.options file.

5. Restart the server to activate the changes.

For more details on Configuring Application Server, see the video:

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