Using ZIETrans administrative interface, it is possible to manage connections and perform problem determination for ZIETrans Web applications.

The ZIETrans administrative console allows you to view and change problem determination settings. It also allows:

  • Select the scope of management
  • View active connections, connection pools, connection pool definitions, user lists, and logs
  • Terminate active connections
  • View log and trace files
  • Set log and trace options
  • View potentially sensitive data by seeing the display terminal, change the trace settings, terminate existing connections, and download trace files.

Enable administrative console support during the ZIETrans project creation to access the ZIETrans administration console on the project created for the Liberty server.

Note: If the project is created without admin console support, it cannot be enabled later for the ZIETrans project on the liberty server

Launch ZIETrans Administrative Console:

Right-click on the ZIETrans project to open the administrative console -> click on ‘Open Administrative Console.’

Authentication credentials are required to access the admin console

More details:

ZIETrans administrative console roles:

ZIETrans administrative console operations are restricted based on the role defined for a user ID. There are three roles defined for the use of the ZIETrans administrative console. Each role has different capabilities.

When you deploy a ZIETrans application with ZIETrans administrative capabilities, you can map three ZIETrans roles to particular system user IDs for security.

  1. ZIETransAdministrator – This role has full administration capability
  2. ZIETransOperator – This role is equivalent to the ZIETransAdministrator role but cannot access potentially sensitive data.
  3. ZIETransMonitor – This role only allows the user to view non-sensitive data

More details:

Configure authentication credentials in Liberty:

Authentication credentials can be configured using the basic user registry by defining the users and groups’ information for authentication on the Liberty server.

Configure the basic registry for the server as follows in server.xml:

<basicRegistry id=”basic” realm=”customRealm”>

<user name=”<username>” password=”<password>”/>

<group name=”ZIETransAdministrator”>

<member name=”<username>”/>



More details: Configuring a basic user registry for Liberty – IBM Documentation

Restart the liberty server after making changes in server.xml. ZIETrans administrative console is accessible after successful login.




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