ZIE for Windows

Fast and secure Windows native emulator for System z and i hosts.

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Mainframes | September 17, 2020
HCL ZIE for Windows Hardware and Software Pre-requisites
HCL ZIE for Windows, a native Windows 64-bit application is a proven emulator solution that supports 3270 and 5250 systems adhering to the latest security standards. Read the blog to know more details.
Mainframes | September 3, 2020
Installing Z and I Emulator for Windows (ZIEWin)
Z and I Emulator for Windows provides 3270, 5250, and VT emulation, connecting to z/OS®, z/VM®, eServer™ i5, iSeries®, System i5®, zSeries, and ASCII systems.
Mainframes | September 3, 2020
Configuring session on Z and I Emulator for Windows (ZIEWin)
Z and I Emulator for Windows saves emulator configuration information to a workstation profile (.WS). Depending on your Z and I Emulator for Windows configuration, you might have a workstation profile only or both workstation profile and a configuration file.
Mainframes | August 17, 2020
Automation using HACL
This blog details about the strongest set of ZIEWIN API’s, the HACL (Host Access Class Library) API.
Mainframes | August 12, 2020
Automation using EHLLAPI
Workload Automation can really run anywhere. There is no limit to the number and type of platforms that are now supported.In this blog, we will explore more about EHLLAPI APIs.ZIEWin provides functions to access emulator "presentation space" data (such as characters on the host screen), sending keystrokes to the host, intercepting user-entered keystrokes, querying the status of the host session and uploading and downloading files, etc.
Mainframes | August 11, 2020
Automation using PCSAPI
ZIEWin provides an emulator interface to communicate with IBM Mainframe/AS400/VT sessions. This is used for reading & updating host data and interfacing host with other applications.
Mainframes | June 5, 2020
Managed ZIEWin
Z and I Emulator for Windows (ZIEWin) is an emulator interface that connects to IBM System Z (Mainframes) and System I (AS/400) systems from a Windows system.

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