We are delighted to share the news that HCL Z Asset Optimizer (ZAO) V2.1 is finally available!! It is a marketing leading solution for discovering and monitoring software assets on IBM z/OS mainframe systems. Specifically designed for simplifying everyday tasks related to managing software assets to ensure your z/OS mainframe environments are kept optimal.

ZAO recognizes more than 15,000 vendor software products, versions and features from IBM and other ISVs. ZAO discover inventory of software assets and monitors their usages across your z/OS environments. ZAO reports enable its users to understand what software products are installed on each z/OS system, how often they are used, who are using the software and much more.

ZAO V2.1 makes software license reconciliation process very simple. ZAO V2.1 license verification feature enables its users to specify software license information. With the license information, ZAO can now compare the license information against the software inventory and usage information to identify areas where you need further review to keep your z/OS environments optimal. Specifically, it identifies opportunities for reducing software license cost and potential exposures for software audit failures.

ZAO can discover and report usage of in-house applications running on your z/OS systems. Given the heritage of mainframe technology, it is common to see a large inventory of in-house programs sitting on a mainframe system. ZAO inventory discovery and usage monitoring enable mainframe owners to make decisions to eliminate unused programs as well as plan for compiler upgrade to keep your programs optimal for your mainframe hardware investment.

The wealth of software asset information can now be accessed using REST APIs of ZAO V2.1. Using the APIs, you can incorporate the software asset information reliably and efficiently into your business processes and applications based on your requirements.

ZAO V2.1 is available as a Docker Container image for Linux on Z. ZAO V2.1 NO longer require IBM Db2 on z/OS and DBA to manage the software asset information. You can take advantage of IBM Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) engines to lower TCO to run the product.

We hope you will find those enhancements useful and relevant to your everyday software asset management activities. Please join us at the upcoming webinar on 27th of November 2020 where we will demonstrate key enhancements of ZAO V2.1 https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6171092984829409293?source=hclswblog

HCL Software announcement is here

A quick introductory video is here


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