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Application failures is very natural to any industry, software industry and mainframe application are no far from this reality. But unlike distributed platform, fixing complex mission critical application on your mainframe production systems may cost time and money. Enterprise cannot afford the downtime of these application and that makes these application failures so critical.

In an increasingly complex and competitive environment with challenging business demands, application developers must work quickly — with as few errors as possible. The slightest application or system failure can jeopardize goals crucial to business success. You can meet these challenges more effectively by gaining greater visibility into application events to help analyze and resolve problems before they can pose a serious threat to your business objectives.​

HCLSoftware is pleased to introduce Z abend Investigator

Z Abend Investigator (ZAI) is a robust problem determination tool for the z/OS environment. ZAI provides precise real-time problem analysis to help developers swiftly recover failed applications. When an application fails, ZAI automatically intercepts the abend and collects real-time information about the event and its environment at the time of failure. ZAI is a trusted z/OS tool designed for developers to analyze and fix problems in z/OS, CICS®, IMS™, Db2®, IBM® MQ, and UNIX System Services environments.

Z Abend Investigator has been designed with these three goals in mind

  • “Production license cost reduction for abend analysis”
  • “Transparent capacity based monthly pricing”
  • “#Production Failures, Fix-Fast”

Give your SME of business applications, the right tool to analyze the failures.

Z Abend Investigator (ZAI) will help to reduce the cost of application outages and to increase application availability through its rapid diagnostic reports

  • Z Abend Investigator (ZAI) is a trusted z/OS tool designed to determine the cause of an application abend with real-time information.
  • Delivers real-time information about an application abend, to help assess on
    • What happened and why?
    • What program module?
    • What line of source code was executing when?
    • the problem occurred?
    • What source variables were involved?
  • Real-Time analysis – Automatically captures abend, gathers data and provides diagnostics report on following environments
    • z/OS, CICS, IMS, DB2, MQ, UNIX System Services
    • Language environment (LE)
  • Interactive analysis: Point-and-shoot navigation of abend information.
  • Provides source code information for the following languages:
    • COBOL, PL/l, C/C++, Assembler, Java
  • Supports 31 and 64 bit architecture

Problem analysis steps with ZAI

​Four years into the announcement of the IP partnership between HCL and IBM, we are pleased to report the progress where we are finally able to delivery ZAI ( A abend Investigator) which is built on IBM Fault Analyzer technology. With HCL’s flexible and easy-to-manage software license options, it is an excellent abend analysis tool to consider!



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