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Are you working with UiPath and would you like an easy way to perform your operations? We have what you are looking for!

The UiPath plug-in is available on Automation Hub, download it to empower your Workload Automation environment.

The UiPath plug-in helps you trigger and monitor all the UiPath process directly from the Dynamic Workload Console. Furthermore, you can also schedule a UiPath process just by creating a simple job definition.

The following are the few prerequisites you need to have to use the plugin:

  1. Having an account on UiPath Cloud
  2. UiPath studio to create process (In case you need to create a new process)

Now let us see how easy it is to start and monitor UiPath process on UiPath cloud.

Create a new job and select “UiPath” in the RPA section.

Job Definition Page

Figure 1: Job Definition Page


First, establish a connection to the UiPath server by entering the required details.

Then, you can test the connection to UiPath server by clicking on Test Connection.

Connection Page

Figure 2: Connection Page


After having successfully tested the connection, you can go to the Action tab and specify the details about the process to run, and where it needs to be done. You can also specify the priority of the job in UiPath and the runtime type. Also, add any input for the process if any.

Action Page A

Figure 3: Action Page A

Action Page B

 Figure 4: Action Page B

  • Submitting job:
    Once the job definition is ready, save it and submit it into the plan.
    The job will start its execution and perform the desired operation.


  • Monitoring your job:
    While UiPath executes the process, the plug-in offers the possibility to monitor real-time execution. Such monitor page, called Workflow details, is accessible from the monitor jobs view and contains all details about the job. Refresh the page to see the updates.


Workflow Details Page

Figure 5: Workflow Details Page

from one place.

On Automation Hub there are many other integrations that will enable you to automate everything you want.
Automate more, automate better!

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