HCL Software’s cloud-first architecture and deployment make your cloud native journey easy. Unlock the full potential of your software by the technical experts who have created the solution. 

Our technology choices are guided by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s definition of cloud native. We enable our software with core cloud native technologies: containers with Kubernetes orchestration and Helm packaging. Request routing, access control and monitoring are provided by broadly adopted open-source solutions: Ambassador, Key cloak, Prometheus and Grafana. A dashboard application provides consistent access to the underlying Kubernetes resources, product log files and more, making it easy to get started with Kubernetes regardless of which cloud provider is used. We develop and deliver our offerings using cloud native practices, including dev/ops and CI/CD, so evolving our software into a rapidly delivered, cloud-ready portfolio of products with consistent install, monitoring and update characteristics. 

HCL Now – Cloud Native as a service 

Easily move your HCL Software products to cloud through our expert assistance and unlock the full potential of your products. Start using new software features, retain the ownership of your data and avoid cloud lock in. HCL software can help you make the move to cloud native today with HCL Now. 

Move to Cloud Native – Now Easily move your HCL Software products to the cloud of your choice. Access 50 product components and 200+ Rest API’s. Enterprise–grade availability, unlimited scalability and flexibility built from the ground up as cloud native. Dedicated, secure environments deployed and managed on cloud of your choice. 

Upgrade to Latest Software Version – Update your existing software to take advantage of the new features and cloud native architecture.  

Premium Managed Services & Support – Unlock the full potential of your software by the technical experts who created the solution. Upgrade, migrate and manage all environments: production, test and development systems with 99.9% uptime guarantee with service credits. 

Experts on Demand – Unlock the full potential of your software with assistance from the technical experts who created the solutions, including 24/7 expert assistance. 

More for Less, No Lock-in – Software and customization investments are portable to any cloud, public or private. Shared initial investment to kickstart your transformation. 

Powered by SoFy – Reimagine new software demos, trials and deployment to development and production environments through a containerized experience in HCL Solution Factory (SoFy) 

Fig1: Our catalog of HCL Software Products can now be managed for you with our in-house managed services, HCL Now. 

HCL Now is different from traditional SaaS offering. 

  • Dedicated single–tenant deployment – no sharing. 
  • De–bundled offering – HCL Software, IaaS, Managed Services, VAS are all separated. Predictable and transparent cost structure. 
  • Dedicated single–tenant cloud as per client preferences and policies; no vendor lock–in. 
  • Client controls services, functionality, SLAs, upgrades (CI/CD) and planned outages. 
  • Assured portability, with offboarding assistance at the end of contract term. Client gets to keep their software, implementation and data. 
  • Client data privacy is assured. 

HCL Now gives you the control and security of on–premises with the flexibility, scale and convenience of the cloud of your choice, be it public or hybrid.  

HCL Workload Automation on Now – The Time for Your Cloud Native Journey 

HCL Workload Automation on Now is the automation platform to orchestrate, initiate, run and manage digital business processes from legacy to Cloud & Kubernetes systems.  

HCL Workload Automation optimizes business with the most advanced modeling, scheduling and monitoring capabilities to seamlessly orchestrate simple to complex workflows across multiple platforms and applications. 

HCL manages the applications (API’s, search, database, network, storage and complete resources), applies fixes to the application and maintains the infrastructure and applicable security and privacy controls.   

Fig2: HCL Workload Automation on Now

With HCL Workload Automation on Now you can embrace rapid change, large scale, and resiliency with cloud native HCL Software: 

  • Accelerate your Cloud Journey with powerful Hybrid Workload Orchestration 
  • Leading-edge technology meets cloud native flexibility  
  • Easily deploy updates to start using new capabilities as they become available 
  • Accelerate changes and customizations to get new innovations into production faster 

HCL Workload Automation on Now consists of hosting and associated managed services for Customer’s licensed instance of the HCL Workload Automation Software program and includes 

  • HCL Workload Automation on Now Infrastructure Service    
  • HCL Workload Automation on Now Managed Service    

HCL Workload Automation is the most advanced automation solution on the marketing, allowing you to automate anything and run anywhere: 

  • Manage millions of daily jobs on a single platform 
  • End-to-end orchestration across multiple domains from a centralized point of access and monitoring, through the integrations available on the Automation Hub catalog  
  • Predict and guarantee SLA compliances 

Fig3: A proven next-generation automation platform, Orchestrate the digital transformation from a centralized point of control to ensure business availability and resilience. 

Move to a Cloud Native Architecture Now 

HCL Software is the only vendor with a strategic cloud-agnostic approach across software architecture and deployment for freedom to deploy anywhere, freedom to innovate, and ready to scale.  

Unlock the full potential of your software with the technical experts who created the solution with 24/7 support.  Get the benefits of cloud native deployments without needing to hire or retain staff in specialized Kubernetes operations.  

With HCL Now our in-house experts will run your HCL Software products on the cloud of your own choice be it public/hybrid. 

Be a part of our cloud native journey with HCL Now.

Authors Bio

Emanuela Zaccone, Product Manager, HCL Workload Automation

Emanuela Zaccone is the HCL Workload Automation Product Manager. She is an experienced marketer with strong product management skills and an addiction to innovation. As Digital Entrepreneur she founded TOK.tv. In 2019 she granted the inventor title by patenting social TV. She completed a PhD between the universities of Bologna (Italy) and Nottingham (UK).

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emanuelazaccone/



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