We are excited to announce that HCL Automation Power Suite has made its debut in Enterprise Management Associate’s Workload Automation report for 2021 and has been named as a value leader.

Automation Power Suite is the bundle offering comprising of HCL Workload Automation, HCL Clara, HCL HERO and Automation Hub.

In the EMA Radar report, EMA evaluated each product on 5 dimensions listed below and HCL Automation Power Suite has been named as a value leader amongst its competitors.

  • Functionality
  • Architect & Integration
  • Deployment & Administration
  • Cost
  • Vendor Strength

With HCL Automation Power Suite, build a robust enterprise Workload Automation Platform. Orchestrate complex workflows across multiple platforms and applications with best-in-class automation solution. Boost your business with the most advanced workload scheduling, managed file transfer, and real-time monitoring capabilities for continuous automation. Keep control on your automation processes from a single point of access and monitoring!

HCL Clara – An Intelligent Virtual Assistant which understands human input, provides answers by tapping into a rich, specialized knowledge base. Clara allows direct interaction with HCL Software products in natural language to execute tasks and enables users to quickly learn how to use and troubleshoot products. In the Automation Power Suite, HCL Clara comes with:

  • a Knowledge Base including frequently asked questions by the WA users
  • out-of-the-box conversations, which – leveraging WA APIs – allow the users to use conversational interaction, instead of accessing product’s UI

HCL HERO – An IT Administrator’s best friend, offers features like multi environment monitoring, smart runbooks library and predictive KPIs for issue prevention, specially designed to help the WA Administrator to:

  • Ensure that the product is continuously up and running and that there are no performance bottlenecks
  • Reduce downtime of scheduling service
  • Detect and prevent misconfiguration issues
  • Detect hidden issues through log parsing capability
  • Prevent overload thanks to KPI prediction, and provides recovery actions

Thanks to 80+ plugins available on the Automation Hub, HCL Workload Automation users can orchestrate IT and business processes in different domains: from cloud orchestration to RPA, from ERP processes to DevOps ones.

Analyst and EMA President Dan Twing said, “Workload automation market continues to evolve and become more important to future of digital transformation and automation, with vendors going all in on cloud and widespread integration occurring,” and “HCL Automation Power Suite makes its debut on the EMA WLA Radar Report scoring high in all categories and ranked as a Value Leader.

Vendor Profile : HCL Software – EMA WLA Radar Report 2021

With Automation Power Suite, customers can automate anything, run anywhere, and build an enterprise automation platform.

Notably HCL Workload Automation has also been named as a representative vendor in Gartner® Market Guide for Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms for 2nd year in a row.

Learn more about HCL Workload Automation here or drop us a line at HWAinfo@hcl.com

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