In this Blog, we would go through a Regulatory Compliance UseCase where a Customer wanting to perform a Transaction at a Gaming Kiosk undergoes a series of Background Checks and Validations to know if he is eligible to proceed with the Transaction, the checks while happening in the background through HCL Workload Automation in real time within a few seconds would seamlessly allow the Customer to proceed with the Transaction. Incase the Customer is blacklisted then he is blocked from performing the Transaction, likewise incase there is suspicion of Money Laundering, the Customer is blocked from progressing with the Transaction.

So, as soon as the Customer places a request to perform a Transaction at the Gaming Kiosk, in the Background a Flow is triggered which would perform the below:

  1. A Customer Due diligence is performed on an internal Database and all details like the Customer SSN, NAME, ADDRESS, DOB, BLACKLISTED.
  2. Customer is Validated for Blacklisting against an internal DB and same is pulled out and confirmed.
  3. If Customer is Blacklisted, a RESTFUL Post call is made to the Regulatory Authorities and the Blacklisted individual details are posted to the RESTFUL Service URL.
  4. If the Customer is Clear, a RESTFUL Get call is made to the Regulatory Authorities to pull Bank Statements of the Customer with respect to incoming payments and also all Credit Card Transactions performed by the Customer alongwith all Incoming Cheques which he received as payments.
  5. An Integrity Check Algorithm is run against the Data Collected in the previous Step and the Regulatory Authorities are FLAGGED incase any Money Laundering Activity is suspected and the Customer is Blocked from doing the Transaction. If the Customer is all Clear, he is allowed to perform the Transaction.

The Entire process is to be performed in a matter of a Few Seconds in the Background and the Customer is to be allowed to proceed ahead if he is all clear.

Solution Realization through HCL Workload Automation:

A Jobstream would be created in HCL Workload Automation which would comprise of the following:

  1. A Variable Table reference to refer to the SSN Number of the Customer which would be passed as input at the Kiosk.
  2. A Customer Due Diligence Job which would pull out the Customer details like his Name, Address, Date of Birth , Blacklisting Status etc.
  3. A Check Job which would check if the Customer is Blacklisted against an internal DB.
  4. A Conditional Dependency is set on the Check Job and a condition called “CLEAR” is passed if he is all Clear to go ahead or a Condition called “BLACKLISTED” is passed if he is not clear.
  5. A RESTFUL Job pulls out all Bank Statements of the Customer with respect to Totals of all credits happening to his account, this job pulls this data from an Exposed API from the Regulatory Authorities.
  6. A RESTFUL Job pulls out all Credit Card Swipes of the Customer for the last few months from an Exposed API of Regulatory Authority.
  7. A RESTFUL job pulls out all incoming cheques a Customer received as payables for the Month from an Exposed API of Regulatory Authority.
  8. A Compute Integrity Check job would internally run an algorithm to Validate if there is any suspected Money Laundering Activity involved in the Transaction.
  9. A Conditional Dependency called “FLAG” is passed from the job incase of Suspicious Activity.
  10. The “FLAG” condition would trigger a Job which would Terminate the Transaction.
  11. The “FLAG” condition would also trigger a job which would log a RESTFUL Post to an API Exposed by Regulatory Authority to log message with the details of the Customer.
  12. The “CLEAR” condition is passed which would trigger a job which would allow the Customer to proceed with the Transaction.

Entire Flow Realized through HCL Workload Automation:


  1. This job is realized as a DB job to fetch details like his Name , Address , Date of Birth , Blacklisting Status etc based on the SSN Number in the Variable Table Reference and stores it in an output file /tmp/CUST_DUE_DELIGENCE:


This job is realized as a DB job to check if the Customer is blacklisted:

Conditional Dependencies from the Job:

The below two conditions are passed , depending on the Blacklisted Status of te Customer , so if a “YES” is detected then a “BLACKLISTED” condition is passed and if a “NO” is detected then a “CLEAR” condition is passed:

NOTIFY_CUST_INFO is a RESTFUL Post job which runs to notify Authorities through a message with the Customer details such as SSN Number incase the “BLACKLISTED” Condition is passed.

TERMINATE_SESSION job is run to terminate the Session Process when the “BLACKLISTED” Condition is passed.


RESTFUL_GET_BANKSTATEMENT_CUST job is run when the “CLEAR” condition is passed, it is a RESTFUL job to pull details like the overall Credits to all Bank Accounts of the Customer.


RESTFUL_GET_CREDITCARDSWIPES_CUST job is run when the “CLEAR” condition is passed , it is a RESFUL job to pull all Credit Card Swipes performed by the Customer over the past Month:


RESTFUL_GET_INCCHEQUES_CUST job is a RESTFUL job which fetches all incoming cheques for the Month in all Customer Bank Accounts:

COMPUTE Integrity Job Runs an algorithm to check if the Customer is all Clear to proceed with the Transaction or to notify Authorities of the suspected Money Laundering activity.

A Conditonal Dependency on this Step either passes a “CLEAR” condition incase the Customer is clean or “FLAG” condition incase of suspected Money Laundering activity.

CLEAR Condition:

A NOTIFY_AUTHORITIES job runs a RESTFUL Post to a regulatory Authority notifying of the Suspected Activity of the Customer.

A TERMINATE_SESSION_2 job terminates the Customer Session.

Incase of FLAG Condition, an ALLOW_TRANSACTION job allows Customer to Transact and proceed ahead.


  1. HWA seemlessly Perfoms the Background Check within a matter of a Few Seconds.
  2. Allows the Company to be compliant at all times and not worry about allowing a “Blacklisted” Customer from transacting while also checking on “Money Laundering activties” from occuring.

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