SAP Data Services is a one-stop solution from SAP to manage your data integration, cleansing, transformations, and data management.

A batch job in SAP Data Services, is a scheduled background program that executes workflows, which extract data from data stores like databases, flat-files, and transform the data, based on the requirements, and load the transformed data into target data store.

Workload Automation plug-in: The SAP Data Services plugin is available in Automation Hub marketplace for download and will help you to schedule and monitor the SAP Data Services workflows and batch jobs from Workload Automation.

Job definition of this plug-in contains two parts such as connection properties and actions.

Workload Automation

Figure 1: Job Definition page

Connection parameters: these details refer to the URL of the data service management console, user credentials and authentication type.

Workload Automation

Figure 2: Connection page

Action: once you establish the connection to SAP Data Services CMS server by providing connection details then it is time to configure the action part by fetching the batch job that needs to be scheduled. It requires additional information like repository name, and the optional job server and server group information.

Workload Automation

Figure 3: Action page

Once you are done the job definition, the next step is to submit the job into the plan and schedule.

 Monitor the job The actual Data Services batch job may take hours to complete based on your ETL/ELT workflows.  This plug-in provides the capabilities to monitor the status of the batch job.

Workload Automation

Figure 4: Workflow Details page

And once the job completes, the different log information available in the SAP Data Services are captured and available as part of the plug-in job log.

Workload Automation

Figure 5: Job log

Workload Automation

Are you curious to try out the SAP Data Services plug-in? Download the integrations from the Automation Hub.



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