“You may not be responsible for the situation you are in, but you will become responsible if you do nothing to change it.” Cit. Martin Luther King.


Get ready to accelerate your business by simplifying and automating workloads, improving service level agreements and reducing deployment and management time with your Cloud Transformation!


Could transformation is now the solution to many questions and customer needs to save costs on IT operations and enable faster time to market for new products and capabilities.

The real value of cloud transformation is the organization’s new ability to quickly consume the latest technology and rapidly adapt and respond to market needs.

A business transformation is not complete if the automation of processes is not also managed at both the IT and application levels.

In this context, HCL Software is a real innovator and leader in the workload automation market with the availability of the HCL Workload Automation (HWA) solution which, integrated with an automation Bot, HCL Clara, provides the answer for a complete orchestration, monitoring and reporting of scheduled batch processes both on-premise and on the Cloud.


To respond to the growing request to make automation opportunities more accessible especially on the Cluod, HCL Workload Automation is now offered on the Amazon Web Services cloud as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), a fully managed Kubernetes service with high  security, reliability, and scalability values.

The strength of the innovation that HCL carry out with continuous and long-term investments is based on enabling the adoption of technology by minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and adopting paradigms such as containerization to facilitate product implementation and facilitate the transition on new releases. With the new release of HWA available on the AWS Catalogue, we are proud to enable the digital transformation of our customers with a Cloud-Native platform that adapts to the need to quickly release content for users.

Within just a few minutes, customers can now easily launch an instance to deploy an HCL Workload Automation server with full on-premises capabilities on EKS as container.

Containers are portable and lightweight  execution environments that wrap server application software in a filesystem that includes everything it needs to run. Leveraging this delivery model, we have now eliminated the need to proceed with product install and configuration, providing to our customers a solution that can be easily made available dramatically reducing the TCO of the infrastructure.


HWA is the complete, modern solution for batch and real-time workload management. It enables organizations to gain complete visibility and control over attended or unattended workloads. From a single point of control, it supports multiple platforms and provides advanced integration with enterprise applications including ERP, Business Analytics, File Transfer, Big Data, and Cloud applications.

Customers can now orchestrate all the processes behind the digital transformation of the company, while taking advantage of the lowest total cost of ownership on the market with the availability of the servers as containers on the AWS Catalogue.


The huge investments being done by HCL Technologies on the acceleration of the roadmap of the HCL Workload Automation solution are already resulting in practical facts with the availability of the powerful HCL Workloads Automation on AWS being able to assist Cloud Transformation with solution designed “in the Cloud” and “For the Cloud”.

The power of the solution  is recognized by the HCL customers who are experiencing and appreciating the benefits of the solution day after day with also a strong collaboration and partnership with the HCL development labs with a Transparent Development model:


HWA as a product has proved to be robust, reliable and flexible throughout our organisation’s recent digital transformation to the Cloud. As a vendor, HCL have encouraged our participation in developing new features which will unlock further value by aligning to our future enterprise strategic goals.

(UK, Gas distribution company)


HCL Workload Automation is now considered a STRATEGY, an enabler for the control and expansion of the business in the new Digital ERA!

Are you worried about the future of your current IT scheduler? Have you been looking for a future proof IT & Apps Workload Automation solution? HCL Software is here to help you with that.

You can now request a free HCL Workload Automation migration assessment for a cost-effective HWA adoption proposal to help enable your workload automation transformation and initiate your new journey with our passionate and expert team.

Contact HWAinfo@hcl.com to reserve a slot for a 1-1 meeting with our product experts to help you design your workload automation transformation, and get a one-month POC to demonstrate in your environment how to migrate to HCL Workload Automation.

Start now using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to run HCL Workload Automation containers on Amazon AWS Marketplace!

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