For years, IT requirements have consisted of speed, breaking the silo, improving collaboration, and more. However, from time to time, we discover new ideas and methods to meet the demands. This is my view of DevOps, as effort to address challenges that can no longer be postponed.  

Learning more about DevOps has led me to wonder how HCL VersionVault can contribute to this area of IT. 

Before we begin to look where HCL VersionValut falls on the DevOps toolchain, we need to think of DevOps methodologies and the values of DevOps: Looking to create a culture that allow teams to work more closely and plan automation as a way to share great code, feedback, and at the same time, to be able to control and measure what we are doing.  

Once the above is acknowledged, we can diminish the ideology of the “tool-oriented approach”, and start to see where CC can contribute to DevOps (And yes, we can see our SCM tool playing as part of the Continuous Integration / Delivery (CI / CD) practice). There, if we think on build automation, we have great players in CC, starting with the modest, but powerful, idea of automation with triggers, which also states on its purpose, “Starting a construction or analysis of source code whenever particular objects are modified”, and, in build, expanding what  the “old pal” MakeFile has been doing, we have clearmake and clearaudit, doing interesting things while improving builds, sharing desired objects, creating configuration records/bill of materials, distributing or paralleling builds, and doing building avoidance for example. 

HCL VersionVault is a great tool, but there is not a magic tool to do everything we need. This is also true in DevOps. Thus, HCL VersionVault, and its related teams and well-qualified professionals, can benefit from many other complementary tools available in the market. One of them being UrbanCode, which contributes to the CI/CD working together with HCL VersionVault. 

Finally, I would like to emphasize that DevOps is first a challenge of “Walking together”. The effort to see how your tool can contribute to the problem and how other applications can come together to fill in the gaps. 

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Uncategorized | August 25, 2020
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