Key points about the Migration activity: 
As part of this activity we tried to capture the use case and steps to migrate an existing setup of IBM ClearCase 9.1 to HCL VersionVault 2.0.1 

The existing IBM ClearCase 9.1 comprised of the following components: 

  1. VOB server 
  2. View server – Base, UCM and Web views 
  3. Test VOBs – Base and UCM 
  4. CCRC WAN server 
  5. Multisite  
  6. IBM ClearCase version: 9.1 
  7. OS – Windows server 2016 Standard 

And at the end of the exercise we were able to migrate to HCL VersionVault 2.0.1 with all the above components up and running.  
The activity involved: 

  1. Backing up the critical ClearCase data 
  2. Uninstall Clearcase 
  3. Install HCL VersionVault 
  4. Test and verify all previous ClearCase data (VOBs / Views) are up and running. 

Following are the screenshot of the steps that we followed for the migration: 

  1. Following are the list of products that are installed to begin with : 

2. Output of the ClearCase and the Multisite that is installed – 9.1 version

3. Screenshots of the ClearCase control panel:

4. Screenshot of the Multisite control panel: 

5. Windows Registry entries of ClearCase  


6. Install location of IBM ClearCase and the folders beneath it: 

7. ClearCase host information of the server: 

8. List of VOBs that are created on this server 

9. Describe output of the VOBs that are created on this server: 

10. Multisite replica information of the existing VOBs: 

11. List of Views that exist on this server: 

12. ClearCase Explorer GUI: 

13. ClearCase project explorer GUI: 

14. CTE Gui: 

15. Taking the required backup before uninstalling ClearCase :

Stop ClearCase and make sure the services are stopped in the ClearCase control panel (cc.cpl) as below:

Following are the list of ClearCase services in the Services window of the server (Services.msc

16. Copy the ClearCase registry folder “C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\clearcase\var\rgy “ and the “C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\clearcase\config” folder to the “Rational.preserve” folder as below: 

So that once you re-install HCL VersionVault the ClearCase registry information will be replaced by the information from the “Rational.preserve” location. 

(Rational.preserve location below) 

17. Additionally, you can backup the MVFS parameters if you have done any modifications: 

(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\mvfs\Parameters ) 

18. You can refer to the “Before you uninstall IBM Rational ClearCase “ section in the HCL Migration guide to know more details on what to backup before uninstalling ClearCase 

19. Once all the required backups are taken, go ahead and uninstall ClearCase from the current machine 

20. Start installation of HLC VersionVault by adding the repositories of HCL VersionVault 2.0.1 in the Installation manager 

21. Select the following Components that needs to be installed: 

22. Browse and point to the Java path that must be used, as VersionVault is not shipped with a JRE by default 

23. Select “Use Preserved settings” so that all the previous ClearCase registry (RGY) information and folder are copied from the previous IBM ClearCase setup. 

24. Enter the Flexnet based license (or ATRIA) that has to be used for VersionVault 

25. Enter the Service Account and Group information for VersionVault 

26. Enter the Registry host and the Region information: 

27. Mention the temp path that has to be used for VVRC:


28. Select the correct WAS – Appserver path for the new VVRC profile to be created 

29. Finally in the last screen, click on “Install” 

30. Once the installation is completed and the machine is restarted, the VOBs should ideally get automatically mounted as below: 

As you can see, there was not manual steps needed for copying and pasting the Registry information of the VOBs and Views, it was copied from the “rgy” folder that was placed in the “Rational.preserve” folder earlier. 

31. Following are the snaps of the VOBs and Views after migration: 

32. The VersionVault GUI: 

33. VersionVault Remote Client (VVRC) GUI: 

We were able to connect to the new VVRC WAN server and the old Web views were also up and running without any issues 

We were able to migrate the ClearCase setup to HCL VersionVault 2.0.1 , with all the below components successfully: 
1. VOB server 
2. View server – Base, UCM and Web views 
3. Test VOBs – Base and UCM 
4. CCRC WAN server 
5. Multisite 


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