VersionVault Express features an intuitive side-by-side comparison viewer where you can easily compare files and directories. VersionVault Express not only allows you to compare elements against their immediate predecessor but also to compare them against the changeset predecessor.

VersionVault Express provides multiple ways to launch the comparison viewer as described below.

Compare against immediate predecessor

The easiest way to launch the comparison viewer is from the Code tab in a stream by clicking on the Version link:

In this case the current version of the file is /main/, so it will compare it against its immediate predecessor /main/, in this example we can see that the first line was modified, and a new line was added:

The same comparison can also be seen from the activity, for this simply switch to the Activities tab, locate the activity with the relevant changes and select Compare With > Predecessor:



Compare against changeset predecessor

To compare an element against the changeset predecessor simply switch to the Activities tab, locate the activity with the relevant changes and select Compare With > Changeset Predecessor:

Review all changes in an activity

To review all changes from an activity simply switch to the Activities tab, and click on the Review button:

This will open a summary of all the changes for that activity:

To improve the user experience, this intuitive comparison viewer can be launched from multiple places, allowing you to have the option to compare elements right where you need it. Some of its features are:

  • Comparing files and directories.
  • Line numbers.
  • Highlight differences.
  • Able to detect new, modified and removed lines using different color codes.
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