HCL VersionVault and HCL Compass are grateful to be part of Semiwiki – the open forum for semiconductors professionals. Semiwiki’s Mike Gianfagna shared a few words and his thoughts on the latest HCL VersionVault webinar. 

He begins to discuss the webinar and takes a deeper dive into what he finds most interesting:

“What followed was a detailed discussion from John about the unique and powerful capabilities of VersionVault. The VersionVault virtual file system delivers some significant advantages. To learn more, you’ll need to watch the webinar. The rest of the webinar consisted of a back-and-forth conversation between Howie and John as they discussed the product and fielded questions from the audience. I felt like I was eavesdropping on a planning meeting – very engaging and informative. The chemistry between these two folks made the whole thing work really well…Bottom line: HCL VersionVault delivers version control and more. So, the leading question posed by Howie was: “OK, if it’s so great, how come I never heard of it?”  The response is quite interesting.”

introducing hcl versionvault

Read the full blog here to find out what else Semiwiki had to say about HCL VersionVault!



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