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Secure DevOps | July 14, 2021
Migration activity from IBM ClearCase 9.1 to HCL VersionVault 2.0.1
As part of this activity we tried to capture the use case and steps to migrate an existing setup of IBM ClearCase 9.1 to HCL VersionVault 2.0.1 
HCL Software | June 25, 2021
Software Bill of Materials: Managing 3rd-party Components
This is the second in a series of blog posts on how to use VersionVault to help generate accurate and comprehensive Software Bills of Materials (SBOM) for your applications. Virtually any software system is dependent on 3rd-party components (i.e. not authored by the team), even if just the utility classes/functions provided with the language used (e.g. the C++ Standard Library). It is frequently said, “Put everything in a VOB!”
HCL Software | June 10, 2021
Principles and Techniques for HCL VersionVault Part 2
In the HCL VersionVault community, the permanent repository of software artifacts consists of one or more VOBs, which are located on one or more VOB servers. 
Secure DevOps | May 25, 2021
Principles and Techniques for HCL VersionVault Performance Analysis
This article on principles and techniques for improving HCL VersionVault performance, provides an overview of the principles of performance assessment and advice on how to apply them in an HCL VersionVault environment.
Secure DevOps | May 20, 2021
Software Bill of Materials: VersionVault Auditing
Cybersecurity will only continue to grow in importance. As the guidelines for meeting Federal Agency requirements are published, will your product be ready? VersionVault’s unique authoritative build auditing and reporting capabilities solve the data collection and traceability challenge to enable reliable generation of SBOMs.
HCL Software | May 11, 2021
VersionVault Cadence Virtuoso Integration, Check In & Label in One GO!!
The VersionVault Cadence Virtuoso Integration supports a number of commands and unique features. Here we are going to look into one of the interesting feature of VersionVault Cadence Virtuoso integration i.e Check In and Label in one GO!!.

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