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(a)Verse 2.1.0 and related features:

(1) Q: What we need to do to activate Domino photo service on the server?
A: You will need to enable the notes.ini setting VOP_GK_FEATURE_230=1. Please refer to our documentation

(2) Q: Can the contacts photo setting be controlled by the administrator? How can we make sure that
a user cannot alter the contacts photo that have been stored?
A: Admins can disable the photo booth using notes.ini setting VOP_GK_FEATURE_40=0. See #16 in our documentation.

(3) Q: How do the Verse person profile picture and the Domino photo service integrate with HCL Connections’ profile picture?
A: If you would like to use the Domino photo service, but are currently configured for Connections integration, then you will need to set an additional notes.ini setting to leverage Domino photo service instead of Connections profile photos. You can read more about this notes.ini setting here.

(4) Q: Do you need to do something extra for Sametime integration after upgrade to 11.5 FP1?
A: If you already have Sametime 11.5 FP1 installed, no additional configuration is needed. The only thing that you need to make sure is that you have turned on persistent chat on Sametime. If this doesn’t work for you, please reach out to HCL support and share your configuration with us.

(b)General Use of Verse and Extension

(1) Q: Can you modify HCL Verse logo to your company logo?
A: Yes, you can use our extension point to modify your logo? For more information about the extension point, please refer to here.

(2) Q: When will Verse support archive capability?
A: Verse supports user accessing archived mail files today. For archiving a specific email on Verse, we are currently working on it and hopefully it will be launched in coming months.

(3) Q: Will Verse have the option to use a secondary alias email and signature?
A: This feature is not available today, but we are planning to add a new functionality to allow users to send emails with their alias name in near future.

(4) Q: Is there a way to view attachments without downloading them?
A: This functionality is available if you have Connections Docs configured so you can preview the file. We are also planning to add the file preview feature for users without Connections.

(5) Q: Is there a way to connect Verse/HCL calendar to iPhone calendar or Google calendar?
A: This feature is available with Verse Native App on both iOS and Android.

(6) Q: Can we store a message from verse as an eml file to disk?
A: This is a good suggestion. This feature is not officially available. We will evaluate the feature and the market needs. We will share it when there is any update about this feature.

(7) Q: Is HCL Verse going to support Stationaries?
A: This is not a high priority for us, but we have been receiving requests from customers about this feature. We will keep reviewing our priority.

(8) Q: How does Verse integrate with Connections?
A: Verse integrates Connections in a few ways, including – Connections profiles to enable business cards, photos, and electronic email signatures in Verse. – Attach and download Connections files when composing and reading messages. – Preview attachments in an email For more information: Please refer to our documentation.

(9) Q: Is it possible for a user to delete an attachment from a message?
A: That’s a good question. Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete an attachment from a message using Verse Web now. We will certainly evaluate this feature suggestion.

(10) Q: Does HCL Verse have any plans for adding Notes preferences?
A: Verse’s positioning is a light-weight web mail client. Therefore, we are not aiming at adding all the Notes preference into Verse. Some of them like senders’ color is on our list. We have plans for some other preferences as well. More details will be shared in the future

(11)Q: Can you access someone else’s mail from Verse?
A: Yes, you can access other’s email through the delegation feature. For more information: please refer to our documentation

(12)Q: Can you view other persons’ calendar on Verse?
A: Verse supports delegation for mail and calendar. So if you are a delegate( e.g. executive administrant), you will be able to access another person’s calendar. For more information, please refer to our documentation

(c)Verse extension and documentation

(1) Q: Where can I find documentation a tutorial to customize the UI?
A: We have this tutorial: https://doc.cwpcollaboration.com/verse-developer/docs/css-extension

(d)Verse installation and packages

(1)Q: It has been announced that Verse will be part of the Domino 12 download – will the same be done in the Domino 11 code stream?
A: The Verse 2.0.1 kit will be included with Domino v12, not with Domino v11.

(2) Q: Is there any guide of upgrade process from 2.0?
A: The upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1 is simple. The install and config section of the documentation will walk you through what is needed for Verse. If you have previously completed steps, you can skip them. Upgrade simply can be removing the old jar and drop in the new ones. Set any notes.ini settings for new features (i.e. Domino Photo Service) and restart the server. For more information, please refer to the release note

For the demos in the webinar, please refer to the following link:
(1) Modify on Send (Extension) :

(2) Photos from NAB (New feature in 2.1.0):

For more information about Verse, please visit HCL Verse website. The feature and benefits guide is also available in the site.

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