If you’re in DevOps, it’s time to get on board with Value Stream Management. DevOps.com has a great webinar to get you started. In the panel discussion – “Value Stream Management: The What and Why” – DevOps leaders discuss the reasons to adopt VSM and best practices for implementing it in your organization.

HCL Software DevOps’ own Steve Boone joined the webinar as a panellist. During the presentation, Steve described the value in Value Stream Management. “When we talk about DevOps, we talk about wanting to make work visible, and one of the great opportunites with Value Stream Management is making that work visible.”

Steve went onto talk about how Value Stream Management can be especially helpful in these times of increasing remote work. “We’ve never been a work from home company – always face-to-face. As a product manager, our teams have already been rallied around VSM for a year or so but now it really hits home. One of the things that’s been great about VSM even before COVID-19 is we already know where people are stuck. We can easily identify work that’s being held up and we’re able to communicate better than ever before. We know exactly who could be struggling when – it’s not to point people out, but to lift them up and get them where they need to be.”

Overall, Steve emphasized that VSM is the next stage in the DevOps evolution. “There’s a whole lot of opportunity around understanding the difference between planned work and unplanned work, making sure what we’re doing is aligned to our overall business goals from the top down. Empathy is a keyword that comes to mind when I think about value stream management. Software development in general is hard. There’s so much pressure on IT and agile teams to be fast and it’s often the rest of the business that’s slow. We need to be the village that raises the kid, the kid being DevOps.”

Watch the full webinar here. To learn more about Value Stream Management from HCL Software DevOps, head here.

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