DevOps is entering its second decade, but its roots go back to lean practices. When we look at the evolution of many organizations’ software delivery pipelines, they first started with optimizing the development practices from code to test.

It’s not as clear anymore where those optimizations are, but there’s still a lot of opportunity to streamline your pipeline. That’s where value stream management (VSM) comes in. VSM seeks to find the bottlenecks by making software delivery pipelines more visible through pooling data from disjointed tools and sharing best practices across teams.

To learn more about VSM and our VSM tool, HCL UrbanCode Velocity, watch this on-demand webinar. You’ll learn:

  • How developers can track their work as it flows to production
  • How testers can see what is in the pipeline
  • How team or retrospective leaders can spot process bottlenecks holding their team back.

Head here to watch the webinar.

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