This past year, we traveled the world to meet with over 1,000 customers in-person. A primary goal of these face-to-face meetings was to learn how we could better serve our community moving forward. After countless conversations with customers of various backgrounds, it was clear that our community wanted and quite frankly needed, a mobile-enabled digital destination to access training resources and support real-time questions, comments and feedback. In addition to this, business leaders and CMOs have requested that we go beyond the Unica user-level enablement, training and tuning and add strategy, partner and customer content as well.

After months of reviewing, evaluating and considering various platform to meet our community’s growing needs, we’re happy to formally introduce everyone to Unica Live!

What is Unica Live?

Unica Live is our brand new digital events platform that consolidates all of our enablement, event and strategy content into one easy-to-access platform. It is our dynamic solution to meet our customers’ needs and expectations for an all-encompassing and easy-to-access resource destination.

Why this Format?

Our ultimate goal was to make the attendee experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Many of the standard content and video repositories we investigated were riddled with distractions of un-related content, ad placements and often a lack of logical content organization conducive to events and enablement. In addition, most webinar solutions could not scale stability over 1,000+ attendees and lacked the control needed for high quality mixed-media content as seen in TV broadcasts.

The Unica Live platform can support up to 20K users, allows for broadcast level controls of mixed-media presentations and speaker transitions, allows for customer feedback even on replays and includes survey resources for attendees. While this was an investment, we are confident that it was a small expense to incur to deliver the best experience possible for our customers.

Key Features

We wanted customers to feel like they are attending a live in-person event. Part of that was the ability to completely brand the platform and give our customers the feeling of being part of a Unica-focused event, instead of just watching a web based PPT presentation or online video. We have developed a creative feel for each broadcast session to make the experience of each series unique.

We surrounded the video broadcast content with chat/comments/Q&A capabilities that stream to the presenters and moderators. For some of the live sessions, participants can expect that posted questions could get answered live directly by the presenters just like live in-person events. However, a big problem we have is that a large number of customers watch replay events and cannot pose questions to a live presentation. With Unica Live we have solved that. Even chat questions posted during replays on Unica Live, weeks or months later will go back to the moderator and presenters for a response – usually within about 48 hours.

Another feature of the Unica Live digital events platform is the survey and resources imbedded in each broadcast. We want to assure we are capturing your input on various topics and imbedding these surveys and resources is an efficient and convenient place all in one platform. The surveys of over 1,000 users as of July are that they love the platform.

What Type of Content will be on Unica Live?

Our plan is to have content for all levels of Unica customers from the day-to-day platform users, to business owners, to executives and CMOs. Currently we have eight broadcast series planned to span the variety of Unica customers with four already launched, including a Spanish language content channel.

Unica Enablement Series – This educational broadcast series features comprehensive platform update overviews and deep-dive presentations on our individual product modules (Campaign, Interact, Optimize, Plan, Reporting, Cloud Native, etc.)

Unica en Español – Foreign language resources for our customers, partners and friends who live in Latin America or prefer to consume our content in Spanish.

12 Things We Love About Unica – A featured video series that expands on an extremely popular blog article by our Services Team Leader, Bryce Connors. Each of these 12 items were specifically requested directly by customers to be included in the V12.0 release.

Unica Insights – Short videos from our product leadership team providing optimization tips to help business leaders get the most out of Unica and obtain their business goals.

Let’s Geek Out on Unica – A popular content series lead by Unica Global Practice Leader Tom Hannigan on how to really make Unica rock! Best practices on data, setup, tuning, tips and tricks, and strategy are all parts of this ongoing series.

Executive Coffee Break – Hosted by Unica CMO Tony Arnold, this casual strategy-level series invites special guests to discuss a broad range of unique topics including HCL SW updates, brand vision, product roadmap and best practices.

Click here to view the first episode of Executive Coffee Break with Gerry Murray of IDC!

Customer Showcase – With over 67,000 platform users, customers are using Unica in hundreds of different ways and in a multitude of different markets. In this ongoing series, we will showcase customer case studies and review how Unica is being used to support marketing strategies in today’s marketplace.

Partner Spotlight – As one of the oldest and most trusted names in Martech, Unica has established a significant partner support community. In this spotlight series, partners will showcase Unica use-cases, share best practices and illustrate how they have extended platform use beyond its base functionality.

Click here to visit Unica Live and see everything the platform has to offer!

Also, click here to register for the Unica V12.1 GA launch webinar on July 7th.



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