The HCLSoftware Unica Suite is an enterprise-class, integrated cloud native marketing platform that delivers precision marketing at scale. Its unique goal based marketing paradigm empowers marketing strategists to align their strategy and effectively achieve their marketing goals such as revenue targets, increased wallet share, customer loyalty and much more. With fully integrated nine key modules and in-built optimization, the platform provides marketing practitioners end to end marketing capabilities to engage and deliver a highly personalized customer experience on a variety of channels.

Unica has been recognized and earned two key awards for APAC Leadership in the G2 Marketing Automation grid reports. We have earned the following recognition in the following segments:

  • Leader in Asia Pacific Regional Grid Report for Marketing Automation
  • Leader in Asia Regional Grid Report for Marketing Automation.

Unica has one of the strongest presences in Banking, Insurance, and Telecom in Asia. And is strengthening its position as a leader with all the latest V12 modernization that has seen our customer satisfaction bumped in the last years.

“The best marketing automation tool” – Consultant in Hospitality

“Best Marketing automation product” – Consultant in Management Consulting

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Unica is a cloud native, fully integrated enterprise marketing automation platform that provides precision marketing at scale. Reach out to us to understand more about Unica and we will be happy to help.

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