With the increasing number of touchpoints for the customers to engage with a brand or their product, mapping out a customer’s journey has become increasingly complex. Despite that, customer journey mapping is important as it helps in unraveling customer’s expectations, gain insight into their mental model, and helps in creating a personalized omnichannel experience. HCL Unica Journey is a product developed for marketers, helping them design the entire customer journey using different capabilities of Unica Journey like Touchpoints, Engagement split, Decision splits, etc. Unica Journey helps marketers communicate with their customers using different touchpoints like Email and SMS. Marketers can integrate the Journey touchpoint with different Email and SMS connectors and quickly deliver their contents/offers to the targeted audiences.

Supported Email Delivery Connectors – Unica Deliver, Mailchimp, and Mandrill using HCL Link.

Supported SMS Delivery Connectors – Unica Deliver, Twilio using HCL Link.

Use Case:

As a marketer,  I would prefer to send desired content/offers to the customers based on their hobbies along with personalization with a single click. If the customer has a hobby of ‘Reading’ then as a marketer, I want to send content/offer related to books/magazines to this customers and those who love ‘Music’ I must send content/offer related to some musical instruments, etc.

Unica Journey can send dynamic offers/contents to the customers using the preferred delivery channel.

The decision split of Unica Journey has a strong capability to do segmentation based on desired conditions. Journey can send desired contents/offers to the set of people who belong to that segment. Let’s have a look at how we can achieve it with Unica Journey.


1. Entry Source creation: The marketer needs to create an Entry source where he can upload the customer data in any supported data import formats, as shown below. E.g., CSV file in this case.

2. Data Definition creation: Based on customer data, marketers need to create a Data Definition, as shown below.

3. Email Templates creation: Based on segmentation, marketers need to create multiple Email templates and desired contents/offers in email delivery connectors. Marketers can also add personalization fields in the Email template. In the below Email templates, personalization fields are added in the below formats – *|LASTNAME|*, *|FIRSTNAME|*

A. Email Template: Hobby – Reading Magazines

B. Email Template: Hobby – Playing Flute

C. Email Template: Hobby – Playing BasketballD. Email Template: Hobby – NA (Default Template)

D. Email Template: Hobby – NA (Default Template)

4. Journey creation: Once the Entry source and Data definition are created along with Email templates, the marketer can create and design the Customer flow in Journey as shown below using Decision split, Engagement split, and Email Touchpoint.

  • Configure Decision split: Configure each Decision Split on Journey Canvas as per the requirement as shown below.

  • Configure Email Touchpoint: Add Email touchpoint on Journey canvas and configure required email templates (Here it’s “Reading” email template) and provide Personalization fields as shown below.

  • Configure Engagement Split: Engagement split is one of the journey controls which acts based on customer responses. Where users can configure the Event and waiting period of responses as shown below.

5. Publish Journey: When journey design and configuration is done, Publish this journey. Once this Journey gets published, emails are delivered by configured email channels, and dynamic content/offers to multiple audiences within a short time frame as per customers’ hobbies and related products. When audiences get available in Journey, the Decision split does the segmentation and checks the configured condition. First Decision split check if the customer’s hobby is “Reading” and Product name is “Magazine” then it diverts the customer to Yes path of Decision split and sends the Email of Magazine offer to the customer.

These configured connectors can capture real-time generated events, e.g., email opens, email link clicks, SMS delivered, email bounce, etc. Based on these user responses, Journey’s Engagement split can process audiences and send desired content using the desired channel to the expected audience. When Email gets delivered to the customer for Magazine offer as shown in the below snap, if a customer opens the first Email within the configured time frame, Engagement split diverts the audience on Yes path of Engagement split and sends Email with other contents/ offer to the same customer again using next Email touchpoint.

Suppose the Customer does not open the first Email within a configured time frame. In that case, the Engagement split diverts the Customer on the No path of Engagement split and sends content/offer of 10% more attractive discount as shown below. When the expected condition does not meet, the Decision split diverts the customer to its negative path. Then again new Decision split checks the condition and based on that, the next audience processing happens.

6. Emails send by Journey with dynamic contents/offers and personalized fields: Below are the sample Emails send by Journey with dynamic contents/offers and personalized fields as shown below.

When you want to connect with the customers by providing the right content at the right time, depending on which phase of the Customer Journey they are in,  there is no better option than using Journey as the solution of choice. You can reach out to us for any more queries, and we will be happy to help.

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