Getting your ideas validated and watching them convert into one of the extended functionalities of the product. Isn’t it great? Of course, it feels great to be a part of and contribute to the roadmap of a product. Moreover, the product will then be well-versed with your requirements. You can offer design solutions and can see a concept transforming into a solution for the product. Customer-Inspired product development & enhancement has always been at the top of the success story for any product at HCL. But what is the most competent way to achieve it?

As a product owner, even after the successful launch of a product, it’s common to be surrounded by ideas from every possible source. To ensure we do not miss any of the valuable feedback and keep customers at the center of every strategy we implement, we are excited to announce the launch of our new ‘HCL Software Customer Idea Portal.’ Everybody cherishes a place where they can share ideas, make their voices heard. 

We love sharing our vision of creating innovation-driven & customer-centric products. Consequently, we want you to tag along on our journey to product design & development of a product’s roadmap in an easy & transparent manner. Furthermore, it will help us improve products & create more meaningful user experiences for you.

Never miss on to any opportunity! Here it is to influence the roadmap of the products you use.

With the launch of Unica, we have held webinars, Unica Connects, Partner Unica Connect (Business Partner) & even started the Unica Sponsor User Program. These helped in extending the functionalities in the latest or upcoming releases, which are influenced by users’ opinions. Besides, during a Unica connect, many users talked about how much built-in analytics would be great to have once there’s an email delivery engine so that reports come natively in Unica. Above all, this makes excellent logical sense, and having a platform like Ideas Portal would help us acknowledge & implement such a unanimous buy-in, helping us to focus our energy on users’ needs & priorities.

Unica Connect boosted up the energies of the users, the product team, and marked as a good initiative. Nobody minds a platform where your thoughts & ideas add value to a product’s roadmap and are transparent in terms of the process.

What can you do with the Ideas Portal?

The only chance to put out your ideas and help Unica shape, align to form a perfect tool that meets all your marketing needs. Also, you can discover and browse around the ideas that are circulating among the Unica’s users or any other product. The portal isn’t complicated; the ideas you post are anonymously displayed, keeping your identity secure. Even more, you can also support ideas submitted by other users & can explain different scenarios where the idea can fulfill your business requirement.

How can you, as customers, influence the roadmap of a product?

The process is easy; to begin with, on visiting the portal, you can submit your unique ideas and can start the conversation with our Product Team. The Product Team reviews the idea and update the same with the relevant comments. They update the status on time, so you don’t have to login every time & check. You can now track the status of your idea and contribute to shaping the roadmap of your products towards innovation. It helps you & us in achieving our goals by fulfilling both business & customer needs.

A customer after visiting the ideas portal can search & lookup for all the submitted ideas and can substantiate with the ones you have. In such a scenario, you can weigh in on the proposed ideas by upvoting, adding comments, their specific use cases and can easily track the same by subscribing to that idea. For any update on the idea, a notification will be sent to help you keep in sync with the proposed idea.

How to make your idea stand-out?

With the launch of Ideas Portal, there are going to be hundreds of ideas/feedback on the existing features of a product. The product team will be on their feet to read and rectify all of them. But which ones are going to make it to the roadmap? Let’s help you with some of the tips.

  • Always attach a use case or a scenario where a particular idea helps solve your business needs. This helps in identifying the precise problem, and also it gets easy for other customers to understand and upvote the idea.
  • On visiting the idea portal, before submitting anything, always look up to check if your idea already exists. If yes, you can always add your use case to the comments. If you have any design solutions in your mind, never hesitate to include them as well.
  • In case of submission of a new idea, it is a good habit to start with the <role> you play, the <action> you want to perform to fulfill your <need>. 

A product roadmap is just visualization, but with our combined vision & user-centric strategy, we can plan for problems & implement them in the form of new features of a product.

Raise your voice without the noise. Register on Ideas Portal and never miss a chance to influence a product’s roadmap. See you there!

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