In our experience supporting Unica in a variety of Martech configurations, we can see that there are a number of common questions around robustness, customization, automation, and most importantly, security customers frequently come to support with various problems with their existing delivery mechanism, which includes:

● Multiple configurations needed for integration
● Instability caused by unplanned system changes and downtime
● Performance challenges
● Application glitches – duplicate email delivery because of network connectivity.
● Security & GDPR
● Product defect and enhancements managed over multiple vendors
● Incomplete documentation and support skill sets needed to implement a full solution.

This article will help you to understand the challenges our customers face with many martech stacks today. The article will also introduce some of the benefits and features of the Unica Deliver V12.1 Existing delivery mechanism: Issues & challenges today.

Introducing HCL Unica Deliver

To overcome these challenges, HCL introduced HCL Unica Deliver in V12.1 to provide seamlessly integrated, automated, and ad hoc engagement of customers across digital channels with timely, personalized digital messages. Unica Deliver operates with Unica Campaign, Unica Journey, and Unica Interact. When you install Campaign, several Deliver components and tables are automatically installed as part of the Campaign installation. You don’t need to bother about the separate installation as Deliver works with SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, MariaDB, HCL OneDB as system databases. Our customers can choose any database they wanted to use with Campaign.

Benefits of Unica Deliver

Unica Deliver helps to resolve all the above issues, and in addition to that, it provides various benefits to the marketer.

Digital Channel Coverage: Seamlessly integrate with an ever-expanding ecosystem of digital messaging touchpoints, including email, SMS, and more.

Unified Omni Channel Experience: Leverage the powerful context and continuity offered by the Unica Platform’s system of record, ensuring that you reach your customer over the right channel at the right time.

Flexible Communication Automation: Provides powerful lights-out productivity tools to automate even the most complicated campaigns and the flexibility to build ad hoc campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Intuitive A/B Testing: Quickly configure and conduct A/B testing to determine the most effective email design and message content for your audience.

Transactional email: Transactional email lets you respond automatically to a specific customer or customer-related activities with a personalized message. These messages tend to have higher open rates than other types of marketing emails.

Insightful Reports and Analytics: Provides accurate out-of-the-box analytics and engagement insights designed to demonstrate communication success and marketing results.

In-built integration with HCL Unica suite: Seamless integration with HCL Unica Campaign, Journey, and Interact.

What else apart from above?

There are many more things apart from the above, which will be available with HCL Unica Deliver.

  • Help to plan, create a reputation, and go-live.

  • High availability (99.999%)
  • In Unica Deliver, customer data is stored in a few system database tables. Considering your GDPR requirement, Deliver provides a utility that generates queries that you can run on your database to delete non-compliant customer records.
  • Easily accessible documentation (web and PDF) to quickly understand the concepts and master the product.
  • One-stop-shop – to get your defects and enhancement fixed (with emphasis on suite-wide impact.)
  • 24X7 HCL Customer Assistance Center to guide and help to get in touch with required teams.
  • 24X7 HCL Technical remote support.

Implementation of Unica Deliver

Unica Deliver is easy to use with a simple workflow where users can –   

  • Create the Campaign flowchart
  • Create the Deliver communication
  • Create Deliver mailing 
  • Analyze campaign results

You can reach out to Unica Professional Services, and they can help you to deliver any specific business requirements.

Need quick help? Reach out to us quickly!

HCL Customer Portal where you can start your Journey

HCL Customer Assistance Center (CAC)

Live Chat Feature to talk with CAC engineer

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