Unica Collaborate (formerly known as Unica Distributed Marketing) is the product that enables central marketing & field marketing teams to collaborate on locally relevant marketing programs.  For organizations with distributed marketers, improved coordination and collaboration between corporate and field marketing is critical for driving customer demand. Unica Collaborate adds a “layer” on top of Unica Campaign, which facilitates distributed campaign execution and group collaboration.

Unica collaborate has three major components which help to achieve local and corporate marketing. 

  • Lists
  • On Demand Campaigns 
  • Corporate Campaigns

In this article, we will see how the Lists and On Demand Campaigns can be leveraged to perform local marketing.

High-level steps:

  1. Create a flowchart in Campaign
  2. Publish the flowchart to Collaborate
  3. Use the published flowchart form in a List in Collaborate
  4. Run the List and review the output list of contacts
  5. Create and run an On-Demand Campaign

A. Create a flowchart in Campaign:

Let’s consider a simple flowchart that has a Select and a Snapshot process box.
1. Add user variables to this flowchart, as shown below.

Please note, the ‘ListID ‘ and ‘UserName’ variables are mandatory, while others will be as per your use case.

2. Expose those user variables from the ‘Options-> Parameter List’ menu item of the flowchart.

B. Publish the flowchart to Collaborate:

Now, from the same ‘Options’ menu, click ‘Save and Publish’ to publish this flowchart to Collaborate.

C. Use the published flowchart form in a List in Collaborate:

1. Go to ‘Settings->Collaborate Settings-> Template Configurations-> Forms,’ and you can see the flowchart form available in the list.

2. Click on the form name and run the SQL scripts and create the form.

3. Save and then Publish the resulting form.

4. Goto ‘Local Marketing – > Lists’ and create a List instance using a temple with this form.

5. Provide values for the user variables, e.g., ‘Income_Range=45_60’ in the above example.

D. Run the List and review the output list of contacts

The List run is an actual flowchart run in Campaign, and you get the output as below.

Once the final list of contacts is ready, then you can move on to On Demand campaign creation.

E. Create and run an On Demand Campaign:

1. Create a new flowchart for fulfillment which may contain a MailList process box.

2. Publish the flowchart and create an On Demand instance from it. This process is like what we did during List creation. Only the flowchart and the user variables are different.

Below is an example of an On Demand Campaign form tab.

3. The On Demand campaign needs a task in ‘Workflow’ in order to run the flowchart.

4. After adding the workflow task, run the campaign so that the corresponding flowchart will run with the Mailist process box.

This completes an end-to-end use case with Lists and On Demand Campaigns within HCL Unica Collaborate. You can create any type of flowcharts for Lists and On Demand Campaigns and publish the user variables as per your requirement. To learn more about Unica Collaborate, you can reach out to us, and we will be happy to help.


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