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Unica V12.1 has been released to power the next generation goal-based marketing, and Unica v12.1 is the first release to enable an HCL Licensing portal called FlexNet. Once the user deploys the HCL Unica products, they will need to configure required licenses with HCL Unica products to start using them. Without applying for a valid license, the user could not login into Unica environments. Licensing in Unica is to validate products’ entitlement and measure the product consumptions based on various units.

HCL Unica products support the below license models.

  1. Term based licenses
  2. Perpetual licenses

If you are upgrading from earlier versions of Unica products to version 12.1, you can have the option to take a Perpetual type license for the existing products you are entitled to use. And for new product licenses, you can take the option of Term based licenses. This is flexible as per your entitlement plan. In the upgrade scenario, you could have Term and Perpetual licenses in your entitlements. While you upgrade to 12.1, you should have default entitlements with Perpetual type licenses in your FlexNet account.

HCL supports the below type of counting mechanism for products in the HCL Unica suite.

Unica 12.1 – Licensing – Quick Start for Customers

Configuring Unica 12.1 – Licenses

Once you perform a clean install or upgrade install and tries to login to the Unica application, you would be prompted to enter the license details. Below are the high-level steps to configure the licenses for Unica 12.1.


Before you start with license configuration, you will need to fulfill the below perquisites:

  1. Make sure you have FlexNet (HCL Licensing Portal) login details.
  2. Login to FlexNet portal. Check if you can see entitlements for the products they are entitled to. Please raise a support ticket if you do see the products in entitlements.
  3. You will need access to the below-mentioned URL from the machine where Marketing Platform JVM is running – https://hclsoftware.compliance.flexnetoperations.com/. Please check with your IT team to open a connection to this URL.
  4. Unica application and FlexNet connection are required to validate and consume the licenses.
  5. If you cannot open a connection to FlexNet, then you can have an option to locally set up FlexNet License Server. Please contact the HCL Support team to get details on setting up the FlexNet local license server.

What a User Needs To Do?

HCL Unica customers will get an HCL License portal URL and login credentials via email. This portal will have the license entitlements allotted as per the purchase done by the customer. The customer needs to follow the below-mentioned steps to complete the registration process and configure the devices for HCL Unica products.

High-level steps involved in the licensing process are outlined in the below table and references from the HCL Unica Licensing Guide. https://doc.unica.com/products/campaign/12_1_0/en_us/HCLUnica12_1LicensingGuide.pdf

Unica 12.1 – Licensing – Quick Start for Customers

You can reach out to us for any more queries, and we will be happy to help.

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