HCL Unica Plan application supports 4 types of grids, also referred to as Tabular View Control (TVC), read-only and editable grids. This article will help you to get more details about the read-only grid.

The basic use of a Read-only grid is to present the data in the form of a report; you can present static data as per your business need. It allows to present the data in the various formats with data like Text Numbers, Dates, Currency format etc. but in read-only mode with the feature to export the data into CSV as per requirement.

TVC Read-only grid, also referred to as List View Control (LVC), is divided into three different types, known as

  1. Line Truncate View – This type of grid gives the UI option where if attribute text is too long to fit in a cell, then it automatically truncates from UI only. No change happens in actual data.
  2. Line Wrap View – In this view, if attribute text is too long to fit in a cell, then it automatically gets added to second-line within the same cell.
  3. Two Line Staggered View – In this view, if attribute text is too long to fit in a cell, then it automatically gets added on the second line outside of that cell.

In a nutshell, you can view the data in a single line, two lines in the same cell or on two different lines.

You should have an HCL Unica Plan Admin role to create different LVC controls. Further, any authorized HCL Unica Plan user can access these controls on various objects like Plan, Program, Project or Marketing Objects based on the template created to consume the LVC.

Below given steps will help to create the Read Only Grid.

1. Navigate to Settings Menu > Plan Settings > Template Configuration >Click on Forms

2. Click the ‘Create new form’ link from the ‘Form definitions’ page. This will help you to add a new form.

Note: You can edit the existing form as well to use the Read-Only Grid. But in this blog, we will use a new form with the name “TVC_ReadOnly_Grids”

Table Name: Marketing
MARKET_ID Data Type INT, Primary Key
SCHEME_NAME Character Type
OBJECTIVE Character Type

Table Structure:

4. Once you add a new form, click on the ‘Create new grid’ link. New pop up will appear where you can see different values in the ‘Grid type’ dropdown. This dropdown will indicate which type of grid is read-only or editable you want to add. Select the option as per your need (except ‘Editable grid view’)

In this example, we selected ‘Line wrap view’ with values to all required fields.

Note: Database table and Table key column values need to match with the table created in prerequisites. We created Marketing Table with ‘Market_ID’ as the primary key.

5. Now, we need a placeholder on this read-only grid to represent the data from the table. Navigate to form and click on the ‘Create a new custom attribute’ link to add attributes.

A new popup will come out; in the ‘Attribute category’ drop-down, select ‘Grid attribute’. Further, choose the ‘Attribute type’ as per your data type.

For example, in the above data table, we have used Numeric, Character and Date type columns. So, we need to select ‘Text -single -line’, ‘Date select’ and ‘Decimal’. Below given screens help to understand the creation of the attribute.

SCHEME NAME Attribute:

OBJECTIVE Attribute:



6. Pull the Read Only Grid control to form canvas and add the attributes per your UI preference. Save the changes and publish the form.

7. Add it to your object, which is Plan, Program, Project or Marketing Object. Here we are using “Project”. Create a Project instance, and you can see the data from the database table on your HCL Unica Plan UI like below.

8. Below are the screens where you can see other Read-Only Grids.

Line Truncate View Read-Only Grid:

UI appearance of Line Truncate View:

Two Line Staggered View Read-Only Grid:

UI appearance of Two Line Staggered View:

9. On object UI, the read-only grid provides below given options, but it depends on selection during the Read-only grid creation.

  • #Export link
  • #View link
  • #Show group by link

The option selection is available on the same screen where you choose Grid type selection:

Options visibility on HCL Unica Plan UI:

10. View window appears post click on ‘View’ link, where you can decide on column representation on UI.

11. Click on the ‘Export Data’ link.

You can read more around TVC Read Only Grid in HCL Unica documentation on Unica Plan Admin Guide and Unica Plan User Guide.

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