Unica Interact can now send marketing messages on outbound channels using Unica Deliver’s powerful capabilities. Using Unica Interact’s Triggered Message functionality, a marketer can acquire, engage, and retain customers by presenting them with offers that suit their needs at the right moment through the right channel. Using out-of-the-box integration, Unica Interact can send personalized real-time Marketing messages to customers through Unica Deliver based on their events and activities performed on the inbound channel.

This article explains the detailed steps involved in setting up integration between Unica Interact and Unica Deliver.

Following are the typical steps involved in setting up a Deliver gateway in Unica Interact.

  1. Configure the Deliver channel in design time.
  2. Configure the Deliver gateway and corresponding channel in Interact run time.
  3. Retrieve the details of templates from Deliver into Interactive Channel.
  4. Use the Deliver gateway on the Triggered Message tab.

Let’s understand each of the above steps in detail.

A. Configure the Deliver channel in design time.

1. Goto “Affinium|Campaign|partitions|partition1|Interact|outboundChannels”

2. Click on ‘outboundChannel.

3. Give the name of your choice.

B. Configure the Deliver gateway and channel in run time configurations.

1. Goto “Affinium|interact|triggeredMessage|gateways”

2. Click on “Deliver.’

3. Give a name to this gateway, say “Deliver gateway.”

4. Go inside this gateway and expand the node “Parameter Data.”

5. Add the below parameters with their relevant values related to details of Deliver


6. Add a channel with the same name as that was added in section ‘A.’ under “Affinium|interact|triggeredMessage|channels

7. Add a handler for this channel and point to the gateway created above. You can use any dispatcher.

C. Retrieve the details of templates from Deliver into Interactive Channel.

1. Goto the ‘Gateway’ tab of an Interactive Channel and select ‘Deliver Outbound’ from the ‘Gateway’ dropdown.

2. Provide the Name, priority, and other field values as per your requirement.

3. On the next screen, you need to select the ‘Source’, which can be ‘Email’ / ‘SMS’/’Whatsapp.’

4.  Click on the ‘Retrieve’ button to fetch the actual template list from Unica Deliver.

5. Select the desired template and move to the next screen.

6. You’ll need to map the deliver fields with appropriate fields from Interact. Interact supports ‘Real Time attributes’, ‘Profile attributes,’ and ‘Offer attributes’ to be sent to Deliver for personalization in the outbound message.

7. Save the field mapping and the gateway.

E. Use the channel on the Triggered Message tab.

1. Select the Event or Event pattern as per your requirement for the Triggered Message rule.

2. Assign desired offer and then select the Deliver channel as shown below example.

3. Once the Interactive channel is deployed to runtime, then on receipt of the specified event, the triggered message rule will get fired. Interact will send the information to Deliver as per the fields mapped in the gateway configuration.

4. Unica Deliver will then send an outbound personalized message as per the template choice and field values sent by Unica Interact.

To learn more about Unica Interact and Unica Deliver, you can refer to the product guides. You can even reach out to us for any more queries, and we will be happy to help.

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