The fabric of marketing technology is no longer a giant software monolith. As we saw a proliferation in customer touchpoints and channels, we expected an enterprise had to deal with to have a certain amount of complexity with their marketing tech landscape – To the extent that the average enterprise uses about 91 marketing cloud services in its portfolio! It is expected of Marketing Campaigns to evolve from being piecemeal marketing initiatives to truly integrated marketing campaigns. However, according to Gartner, Inc., Marketing leaders struggle to make progress in the utilization of their marketing technology (Martech) stack capabilities. This is because marketers have struggled to put the best of breed martech technologies together in an integrated manner to power a comprehensive and integrated campaign.

A well-planned integrated campaign demands synergies across a wide range of areas including but not limited to: Marketing automation platform, Email Delivery Engines, Digital Messaging Platforms, CRM platform, Ad Tech Platforms, Inbound channels like website, call centers, social media handles…This means collaboration between teams, data handoffs, schedule adherence – in a nutshell, a tremendous amount of agility and responsiveness between teams that handle various functions/technologies across the marketing landscape.

The complexity exponentially increases when multiple such integrated campaigns need to be handled simultaneously, which calls for more simplified yet sophisticated design and integration tools at the marketers’ disposal. Unica Journey is a good example of a Customer Experience Design and orchestration Tool. While Unica Journey solves the problem of designing the integrated customer experience journey end to end, helps visualize it and to an extent enable automation between various capabilities of Unica, but how about integration with the other 3rd party systems?

What is Unica Link?

Unica Link is an Out of box, low code, fast, and flexible integration framework to create quick and seamless App Integrations with Unica and pave the way for a Unified Customer Experience. Unica Link is Modern, API Driven. It powers the creation of connectors by leveraging REST APIs exposed by applications and using standard and simplified tooling provided by this framework. Further, to expedite both development and deployment of these connectors, it provides a set of out of the box reference application connectors that can be used as-is or be extended. Marketers can deliver a seamless customer experience by configuration a chain of actions across multiple marketing applications by invoking an action in 3rd part apps based on a corresponding trigger in Unica just using a simple mapper UI power by Unica Link.

Further, it enables Closed-loop 2-way integrations by returning responses from the 3rd part applications against the actions initiated.

Why Unica Link?

With Unica Link, you can quickly stitch together point to point integrations between Unica and 3rd Party Matrech tools to achieve purposeful actions based on predesigned triggers and user actions- thus paving the way for a truly integrated end to end campaigns by the use of Unica Link and Journeys.

It facilitates enterprises to Improve ROI from the entire MarTech stack and not just from Unica by orchestrating the customer experience across your MarTech ecosystem. Unica Link helps improve Agility & Time to Market an integrated campaign by enabling the marketing team to create integrations on a need basis with minimal IT intervention. With Unica Link, Enterprise can lower TCO and shave off days of IT development & maintenance effort and cost and create and deploy tightly coupled app integrations.

There is much more to Unica Link, and we are just getting started. We welcome collaboration with customers as well, so please let us know what your integration needs are, and we can work with you to get them sorted. Learn more about Unica Link here.

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