To keep up with the customers today, marketers and organizations need to understand their customers individually. It’s the only way to drive revenue, build loyalty, and increase customer retention rates. Especially while formulating an offer strategy, making real-time decisions enables identifying the Next Best Offer across all communication channels.

This tailored offer experience improves the quality and frequency of customer contact, leading to increased customer retention. Offer integration is provided in the HCL Unica Journey from version 12.1.1. It will help track contacts and their responses per Offer in the HCL Unica Journey and HCL Unica Campaign. In the Journey application, users can associate offers with Deliver communication and also with the Journey touchpoints sent across through Link connectors.

Benefits of integration Unica Centralized Offer Management (COM) Offers with Unica Journey.

  1. Can fully leverage capabilities and advanced features from the Unica Centralized Offer Management module.
  2. Offer created in COM can be directly associated in email touchpoint with Link connectors in Unica Journey.
  3. Offer’s can be tracked Centralized via Campaign’s Contact History and Response History tables and thus can be reflected in the Campaign Reports.
  4. Can effectively use Interact Next Best Offers (NBO) feature of Unica Interact.

Offer Management in Unica

How to configure COM Offer with Unica Journey

1. Create a new Journey and associate Entity source and Data definition to the Journey. Navigate to More Actions -> SettingsPartition setting. Select the partition and Audience level in the drop for which Journey is configured. Also mapped associated AudienceID in Journey Field dropdown.

Unica Journey Settings

2. Now drag Email or SMS touchpoint based on which communication needs to be sent. In our example, we have taken Email touchpoint. Open the email touchpoint configuration and select the check box “I want to associate Offers to this touchpoint (template).” Once the user checks the box, the “Select Offers” and “Next Best Offer” buttons will be enabled.

3. Click on the “Select Offers” button, and it will navigate you to the Offer Listing page of COM. This page will list all the created and Published Offers in the COM. Select the Offer which you want to attach to the Email touchpoint and click on the “Select Offers” button at the bottom of the page.

4. Once you click on the “Select Offers” button, it will navigate to the “Offer response mapping” page. Enter that URL on this screen for which offer response needs to be tracked.

5. After mapping the Link URL and saving the changes, the selected Offer appears on the Email configuration page, as seen below.

6. Click Next and configured the Email touchpoint for the Mailchimp connector. The only difference here is while doing the field mapping, you may also see the dropdown to select mapping from Offer attributes apart from Journey Fields.

7. Once the Journey is configured with Offer and Published, the entry is made in the journey table Offershistory and Offermetadata.

8. Once the communication is sent from the Journey, the Contact History table and treatment table in the Campaign System table will be populated with valid entries. Cell-id, in this case, would be -1.

9. The Response History table in the Campaign System table will be populated if there are any Link click events that occurred.

Customer insights help companies apply the Next Best offer that is suitable for them. Attaining a complete understanding of your customer and taking a customer-centric approach to the next best action is the way to go about taking the right action at the right time. To understand more about the offer integration with Unica Journey you can refer to the guide or else reach out to us, we will be happy to help.

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