Did you know – Flowchart execution monitoring, migration, cleaning up the temp tables and temp files, old log files are now at your finger-tips:

The Marketing Software Director was one of the major component of the version 11.1 release of Unica. The administrators can manage key aspects of  the whole suite with the Director module, however we will focus on what users can do with Director in Unica Marketing Campaign in this blog.


The Unica Campaign application has been serving Marketing community successfully for a couple of decades now. It has strong capabilities in the marketing segmentation and execution. It empowers customers to segment huge amount of data and target marketing messages using flowchart executions. With strong feature capabilities and customization there was also a requirement to manage and maintain the infrastructure.

As marketers run hundred or more campaigns a day sometimes to the tune of thousand a month, it is imperative to –  –

  • Maintain the health of the Campaign application and manage the infrastructure
  • Design and implement Campaign design and execution practice across development, pre-production and Production environments

Campaign environment Infrastructure Management with Director

Campaigns are critical for the businesses And Campaign administrators make sure the flowcharts are running efficiently and effectively delivering offers to the customers. So, what do the administrators (either Campaign or system or DB) need to take care and maintain the health of Campaign application? –

Few of most essential things are as follows-

  1. Campaign Application components are always up – Campaign web application and Campaign Analytical Server etc.
  2. Make sure the Campaign flowcharts are running and do not fail or remain struck for long time.
  3. Ensure that flow charts are getting completed in required time frame so the delivery engines or Campaign output is being used for marketing in Call Center operations etc.
  4. Make sure Campaign user data connection is successful


Meeting these conditions would ensure the smooth performance of daily operations in Campaign design and execution, but this is not sufficient to maintain health. To maintain the health of the application users must –

  1. Periodically clean up the logs and other temporary files generated in Campaign execution
  2. Periodically clean up the temporary tables generated in Campaign execution.
  3. Monitor the CPU and memory utilization on Campaign listener machine
  4. Quick action to start/stop the Campaign components (Web application and listener)
  5. Understand the execution load on Campaign application and make necessary arrangements (environment upgrade, increasing the hardware resources etc.)

This will help to maintain the health of Campaign application. However, these are not the only things you will need to do and there might be more. The Marketing Software Director helps the users to carry out all these tasks with absolute ease. It also helps the users to manage multiple environments through single portal.

Campaign design and execution practice across development, pre-production and Production environments

It’s very important to have a development or pre-production environment while designing and executing campaigns. Any new flowchart designs, executions should be first developed and tested in development or pre-production environment and then implement on production system. We understand designing flowcharts is not an easy activity and it involves multiple iterations. However, once the campaign is finalized, it needs to be migrated to production environment with quick steps.

Development and pre-production systems should be exact replica of production environment. This is with respect to the Campaign version and deployment architecture. Pre-production and development system can run on lower hardware resources than production systems.

It might be possible you have more than these environments available you are worried about maintaining all these environments health.

Amazingly, more is available with quick access in Director v11.1

 You can check out our blog on Campaign Best Practices for further information on improving effectiveness of your campaigns.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the next post in this series about Marketing Director and version 11.1

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