We all understand the role an offer plays in generating leads and, in fact, nurturing the existing ones. But it’s effective only if you target and segment the right offers to the right audience and at the right time. With Unica Interact, a marketer can exclude the offer fields in the offers that are presented to the customer, or they want to show only the offer fields which they choose explicitly. Here are the steps to achieve this.

Step 1. In this example, we will show you all the offer fields presented to one customer. The parameters being passed into the API test client are as follows:

The response that is returned is as follows:

Here you can see that all of the offer fields are visible.

Step 2. What if I do not want to show CostPerOffer to the customer?

In this case, you need to include UACIExcludeOfferFields in a StartSession, SetAudience, or PostEvent call. In this example, we will use UACIExcludeOfferFields in the StartSession call. The parameters being passed into the API test client are as follows:

The response that is returned is as follows:

You can see that CostPerOffer is excluded in the response. Now we will show you how to present only those offer fields that we explicitly pass into the API request.

Step 1. Here is the request we sent initially to show all available offer fields:

Here is the response:

Step 2. Now we only want to show the FINALSCORE field in the response. To do this, we would pass the following API request:

The response is as follows. Notice you only see the FINALSCORE field in the response.

Note: You can pass these parameters in SetAudience and PostEvent calls as well.

You can learn more about configuring offer attributes in Unica Interact with the Product Documentation, and you can also reach out to us, and we would be happy to help.


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