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Version 11.1 of the IBM Marketing software is out with several new features. From the introduction of Version 11, We started opening the Marketing Software with the capability to integrate with several RESTful API’s. As Nick Combridge mentioned in his blog, we are continuing this trend in version 11.1 by allowing Marketing Software on open source technology like Apache Tomcat, JBoss, etc. This will enable enterprises to save cost as well as allow more business agility.
In recent time JBOSS has emerged as a robust open-source platform, and it is fast adopted by organizations for enterprise products deployments. JBOSS provides a flexible implementation of web application clusters for load balancing and high availability. This is helping Marketing Softwares in maximum uptime. After a long time, IBM Marketing Software is coming up with support to open-source application servers, and this will save a lot of cost of an enterprise.
Moreover, clustering allows the Campaign application to be available on secondary servers, in case the primary instance is down for any reason. The JBoss clustering also lets the marketers scale the up operations or improve performance by active load balancing between hardware. We have made architecture level changes to the software to enable integration with JBoss and allow clustering.
Below deployment-diagram is a sample implementation of IBM Marketing Software with JBOSS EAP as an application server. IBM Marketing Software products can be deployed on JBOSS cluster configured with “N” number of machines and up to “N” number of Server Groups.
To Configure the JBOSS Cluster with multiple Hosts and Multiple Server Groups, one JBoss instance is configured as a Master while other instances on the same or different machines are configured as a slave.
Click here to download the full user guide and know “How to Configure JBOSS Cluster with multiple Hosts and Multiple Server Groups?
Users will also learn about JBOSS Console and Cluster configuration health check. Pre-requisites to configure JBOSS Cluster with load balancer are Apache mod_clustera, and the final deployment of IBM Marketing Software applications is done using the JBOSS Admin console.
Rahul Bhagat
Technical Architect 
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