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Mid-March brings lots of excitement for customers and users of the IBM Marketing Software as IBM and HCL to release version 11.1. Users have many reasons to cheer about this and I outline my top 5 reasons below. 

Version 11.1, marks an important milestone in the evolution of the IBM Marketing Software, as we introduce a completely new module along with significant capability enhancements across IBM Campaign, Interact and Marketing Operations. To know more about all the features and further enhancements in version 11.1 register for the IBM Webinar below.

You can register to replay the webinar session and discover how to set-up and leverage the potential of the IBM Marketing Software Director


1. Introducing the Marketing Software Director
The Marketing Software Director (MSD) is a single application that empowers Marketing Software administrators with the ability to monitor the health of the whole marketing suite. The MSD dashboard provides operational insights enabling the management of health, performance and content of the marketing environments.
With a single agent installation of the Marketing Software Director, the module enables users to monitor key aspects of the whole suite to ensure efficient working and the maximization of benefits by gaining better control of the overall environment.
Health Check
The Health Check capabilities provide administrators with the ability to monitor:

  • System availability and start & stop the system
  • The listener and listener cluster(s) The status of each listener can be determined and started/stopped as required.
  • System Usage: Shows graphically CPU and Memory utilization on the Listener and Campaign web application machines for all Operating Systems.

Easy Environment Migration
Environment migration is now easier than before with the Marketing Software Director.
For example – Users can control the migration of objects, from a UAT environment to a Production environment through the simple UI. The ability to easily migrate Campaigns and marketing artifacts directly saves time and allows marketers to launch campaign more rapidly.
Goodbye ‘Cumbersome Command-line’ and Hello ‘Easy UI’ – The UI based administration capability will prove to be a vast effort reducer and time saver for the users. Having to run effort-intensive, command-line functions are now a part of history.
IBM Marketing Software Director provides you with a dashboard to:

  • Clean-up Campaign logs, Listener logs, and Orphan temp tables and files
  • View the health of Listeners, Web Servers and Data Sources, and
  • View installation-related data such as Environment name, Partition, Application URL and Product

Marketing Software Director Dashboard

Monitor the status and statistics of flowcharts in Campaign
The Marketing Director allows users to see at a glance everything that is going on within a campaign. Administrators can easily find out the status of flowcharts if any of them have stopped or failed so that immediate action can be taken to remedy issues.

statistics of flowcharts in Campaign

2.    Enhanced support for Open Technology
The process of making the Marketing Software more open started in V11.0 with the exposure of several RESTful APIs. This has continued in 11.1 with many of these APIs powering the capabilities of Marketing Director. But, that is not all. More and more Enterprises look to open source technology, not only to reduce costs but to drive increases in business agility, broaden choice, increase quality and lower risk. We recognize this and have started to address this need with the introduction of support for JBoss, Apache Tomcat and Databricks from version 11.1


3.   Performance improvement in IBM Campaign​ – Our customers are happy with the powerful segmentation capabilities of Campaign performanceCampaign, particularly those who follow campaign best practices. We have now further enhanced campaign performance in V11.1. Our product engineers have made architectural level enhancements that have improved flowchart performance by up to 20%. And that is not all, for IBM WCA users we have introduced parallelism for the download of WCA events from UBX users resulting in runtime improvements of up to 400%.


4.    Real-Time Learning capability in Interact 

Personalization has been one of the most powerful features of IBM Interact. Numerous studies and observations confirm that better personalization results in improved outcomes. Almost all marketers believe that understanding customer behavior in real-time (event patterns) will help them to deliver better outcomes and improve personalization Understanding Event patterns is one of the key ways to gauge customer behavior.

For Interact users we have significantly improved the self-learning capabilities by allowing Interact to use the results of Event Patterns to better understand customer behavior and use this to improve offer targeting and prioritization. With the updates in offer data sampling and improvements to the Recency Weighting calculations, this brings a whole new level of scale and precision to self-learning.

A great illustration to understand this would be to consider the case of Jose. Jose is anticipating the launch of 5G mobile services and is searching for 5G handsets amongst the telco operators. Jose has searched 3 times in 2 days on the website of CellFree but has not made a purchase. Now, depending on the granular information available about Jose’s shopping history, and taking this event pattern into account, a marketer can fine-tune their message and show him an offer about the different handsets available from the various technology vendors and offer packages that are available prior to the launch of 5G services. This could be coupled with discounts, free shipping or gift packaging all of which help to persuade Jose to complete the purchase. This type of pattern can be recognized and similar offers can be pushed to other shoppers who demonstrate this type of behavior.
5.Extended integration of Marketing Operations with  Campaign  – 

User roles and permissions

Better integration of MO with the campaign will give marketers far more control over the flowchart execution, particularly in production mode. The new features in Marketing Operations ensure that flowcharts and workflows are executed only after all the approvals have been processed and approved. If the required approvals have not been processed, an error dialog will appear on the flowchart in Campaign, alerting the user that additional work and/or approvals are still required.

Mailhouse production

There are many more exciting enhancements and updates to all the modules of the IBM Marketing Software. If you want to have a deep dive into the Marketing Software Director
join our webinar where we shall discuss our new module as well at other enhancements in-depth and answer your queries.
If you are as equally excited as me and wish to see a demo of all that is new in version 11.1 then contact me directly.
Nick Combridge
Senior Sales Director
HCL Marketing Suite
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