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7 key capabilities of a Multichannel Marketing Hub Platform
Marketing & Commerce | December 15, 2022
7 Key Capabilities of a Multichannel Marketing Hubs Platform
HCL Unica has marked its place among the top performers in the 2022 SPARK MatrixTM analysis of the global multichannel marketing hubs market.
Understanding Unica Deliver Insights
Marketing & Commerce | November 30, 2022
Understanding Deliver Insight Reports and it’s data flow in the tables
The blog will help you understand the data flow from Design-time tables to Report Staging tables. If your report is not in Staging, you need to run the procedure at least once per day. You should consider running them at times when there
Marketing & Commerce | November 16, 2022
Personalization Playback in Unica Interact
With the new playback feature, in Unica Interact marketers can review what happened in any time period. Drill down all the way to individual sessions to see activities by user attributes, session attributes, API history, event patterns status, and delivered and disqualified offers.
Marketing & Commerce | November 7, 2022
Inbound vs Conversational Marketing
Inbound and conversational marketing are both around reaching the right people at the right time, but how are they different? Let's read.

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