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Automation | November 1, 2022
New OpenSSL V3 Vulnerabilities are Exploitable – Act Now
The  OpenSSL project announced details of vulnerabilities that exist in versions of the OpenSSL software versions earlier than version 3.0.7. They have released OpenSSL Version 3.0.7 to address these security vulnerabilities. BigFix can address and speed vulnerability remediation.
Automation | July 13, 2022
Linux vulnerability CVE-2021-4034 is actively being exploited. Remediate now using BigFix.
BigFix has remediation and mitigation fixlets available and has already published these for all the supported Linux Operating Systems. For more information, read this blog.
Automation | May 23, 2022
New CISA KEV Dashboard reduces time and effort by 10X!
CISA has created a list of known vulnerabilities or KEV to safeguard federal infrastructure from cyber attacks. Know more about Exploited Vulnerabilities
Automation | March 29, 2022
Google Chrome vulnerability threatens nearly 83% of the worlds endpoints – How BigFix can help 
Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are forcing both companies to push emergency updates to address this critical issue. For more information, read this blog.
Automation | December 14, 2021
Log4j: Putting Effective IT Operations at Center Stage
News of the Apache Log4j vulnerability exploit came on December 9th. Log4j has been embedded in hundreds of Internet services and products from companies all over the world. IT Operations is key in remediating this vulnerability. BigFix is an effective tool for IT Operations.
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