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Number of Posts: 7
Acquisition of Unica
Marketing & Commerce | July 9, 2019
Acquisition of Unica is Complete- What’s Next?
Unica is back. Now that HCL had finished acquisition of Unica, what happens next. What does it mean for the clients and where is it headed in future?
ActiveMQ Configuration for Flowchart Monitoring
Marketing & Commerce | January 2, 2019
HCL Intends to Acquire IBM Marketing Software
HCL has increased investments in Marketing Software with commitment to providing the Marketing Software product and community with first-class innovation and technical support.
Campaign APIs
Marketing & Commerce | November 14, 2018
Binary Sort Collation Campaign
The ‘Campaign’ uses binary sort collation but this is not enough. I encountered a case where two databases (Oracle and Netezza) are using binary sort collation but still, it results in incorrect sort order.
Campaign Sort Orders
Marketing & Commerce | October 23, 2018
Campaign Sort Orders
By default, Campaign Use Binary Sort order. In order to do proper sorting at campaign, set default character set as UTF-8, default character type as Unicode and sort order as Binary.
Interact Coverage Analysis
Marketing & Commerce | October 3, 2018
Interact Coverage Analysis
Database marketers often want to test their Interactive channel(s) whether they have enough offer coverage for each group of their customer base or for certain groups of segments.
Configuring Db Loader
Marketing & Commerce | August 15, 2018
Configuring Db Loader with Interact Runtime
​By default, the runtime environment writes contact and response history data from session data into staging tables.
Campaign APIs
Marketing & Commerce | June 19, 2018
Campaign APIs – Be REST Assured
Representational state transfer (REST) or RESTful Web Services is a way of providing interoperability between computer systems on the Internet.
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