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Number of Posts: 15
Marketing & Commerce | October 21, 2022
7 Top Performer Factors for a Marketing Automation Software
Unica's latest 4 releases focused on strengthening integrated goal based marketing, messaging without limits.
Unica 12.1.3 Marketing Platform 2022
Marketing & Commerce | April 7, 2022
Unica 12.1.3 Marketing Platform 2022 Spring Release
UNICA 12.1.3 - this marketing automation platform provides essential updates such as real-time personalization playback, streamlined privacy, and compliance.
Unica 12.1.1 Summer Release
Marketing & Commerce | July 30, 2021
Releasing the new feature pack – Unica 12.1.1 Summer Release
HCL Unica is the marketing automation platform that helps customers achieve personalization at scale. Unica 12.1.1., also available as a cloud native-as-a-service.
Effective way to represent Editable grid data in Read-only grid using HCL Unica Plan
Marketing & Commerce | June 30, 2021
Unica Plan – Effective way to represent editable grid data
HCL Unica Plan for data collection and display provides a user interface to display Grids data as a table or a list. Read the blog to know the details.
Traditional MRM vs Collaborative Work Management
Marketing & Commerce | May 5, 2021
Traditional MRM vs Collaborative Work Management
MRM exists to save time and marketing resources. The list of activities includes the coordination between your marketers, graphic designers, copywriters, and others involved.
Marketing & Commerce | January 28, 2021
Partitioning in HCL Unica Suite
Learn how multiple partitions work. Unica family of products, partitions provide a way to secure the data associated with different user groups.
Manage TVC-Grid Validation in Unica Plan
Marketing & Commerce | November 12, 2020
Manage TVC-Grid Validation in Unica Plan – A Systematic Way
HCL Unica Plan (Formerly known as Marketing Operations) supports the feature called Tabular View Control (TVC) Grid. It helps marketers choose different attributes.
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