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HCLSoftware | March 2, 2023
Update from this Year’s Mobile World Congress
Speaking at the HCLTech booth at MWC, Kalyan Kumar, Chief Product Officer at HCLSoftware, says the question is no longer around why organizations should use 5G, but how they can accelerate adoption and generate revenue from those new solutions and services.
4 Steps to Solve Your Work-From-Home Challenge
Automation | March 31, 2020
4 Steps to Solve Your Work-From-Home Challenge
We now have the largest remote workforce in human history, and many companies are struggling to support them, especially those with undersized network capacity or applications that are mostly on-premise. In many cases, new technology and infrastructure are urgently needed to support out of network endpoints and new network traffic patterns while ensuring devices are up to date, compliant and secure.
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