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Marketing & Commerce | April 10, 2020
Best Practices for Unica Strategic Segments
What is Market Segmentation? Some would say the goal of Strategic Marketing is to target the right customer with the right communication. With the recent surgency of Big Data and other data capture and mining tools, it is now more important than ever to understand your customer base.  Most of my clients are in the financial industry with large amounts of demographic and transactional data on their customers. This data is the lifeblood of their organization. If harvested correctly, this data can be used in numerous ways: to retain customers, to increase products purchased per household, to increase engagement with online tools, to curb customer loss, to bolster customer loyalty, to name a few. For Marketing professionals who are responsible for transmuting raw data into usable marketing data, segmentation is imperative. Segmentation, in its broadest form, is dividing your customers (prospects) by shared selection factors. For example, customers born between 1981 and 1996 (or “Millennials”) with only one purchased product might provide a vital customer population to increase products per individual and/or household. What are Unica Strategic Segments? Understanding that marketing starts with segmentation, Unica Suite has built-in functionality that supports the creation of defined, reusable segmentation across your marketing initiatives. Once you define the business rules for determining a given population, that logic can be built into a reusable object within the Unica Campaign application that can be shared across users and, therefore, marketing opportunities; these reusable objects are referred to as Strategic Segments. Unica Strategic Segments are a powerful way to follow the “build once, reuse again” methodology.  In its simplest definition, Unica Strategic Segments are a list of audience ids such built from pre-defined business rules that can be shared across multiple Campaign and flowcharts. These populations, as we will learn below, can be any population pool...
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