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Sametime V11
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Number of Posts: 11
HCL Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions | February 18, 2021
HCL Digital Solutions Announces First Telephony Partnership for HCL Sametime
HCLSoftware intends to extend Sametime Premium with telephony capabilities from an ecosystem of complementary partners. Learn in detail about this partnership.
Announcing HCL Sametime Premium
Digital Solutions | November 10, 2020
Announcing HCL Sametime Premium. Secure Video Meetings & Persistent Chat at Significant Savings
Ensure secure collaboration with your organization's stakeholders with secure video meetings by using our latest technologies and standards of HCL Sametime.
Project Eleven
Digital Solutions | September 15, 2020
Project Eleven: Get the Most Out of Domino with Easy Direct Upgrades
HCL is fully committed to enabling you and your organization to maximize the value you get from the Domino and Sametime platforms today and in the future.
4 Keys to Enterprise Chat Apps
Digital Solutions | August 27, 2020
The 4 Keys to Enterprise Chat Apps. What is secure enterprise chat, and why do I need it?
Organizations need to pick solutions that are safe, cost-effective, and make sense for the business. Given the global push toward remote work, employee engagement is key.
End-to-End Encryption
Digital Solutions | August 21, 2020
Why End-to-End Encryption Isn’t Always What You Want: 4 Important Insights
Ensuring secure messaging and the larger security reputation of the organization is not only a goal but a requirement. Encryption is a fundamental pillar of that Security.
HCL Sametime Pre-Release v11.5
Digital Solutions | August 18, 2020
HCL Sametime Pre-Release v11.5: Try It Out Now!
HCLSoftware announces the availability of a pre-release of HCL Sametime v11.5, the newest version of the trusted video meetings and persistent chat platform.
Enterprise Meetings Solutions
Digital Solutions | August 12, 2020
Is Your Head in the Cloud(s)? Choosing Between Private Cloud or on-Premises for Deploying Enterprise Meetings Solutions
The decision on a private cloud or on-premise storage is important — choosing the wrong enterprise deployment can dramatically impact your entire business.
How Virtual Meetings Can Become Very Real Headaches.
Digital Solutions | July 16, 2020
Are Work Video and Chat Platforms Safe? How Virtual Meetings Can Become Very Real Headaches.
Virtual workspaces are now a common feature in business communication. Having a secure video and chat platform is vital, as it gives teams the power to connect and innovate within a safe digital environment. But how safe are these tools, and how important is that safety to the employees and overall operations of enterprise companies?  
Why You Need to Upgrade to Sametime v11 Right Now
Digital Solutions | April 4, 2020
Why You Need to Upgrade to Sametime v11 Right Now
You may be on an unsupported version (8.0.x, 8.5.x customers, we are looking at you!) or wish to simplify the deployment (get rid of Db2 and WebSphere). To make all this super-simple, here are the top three reasons to upgrade: Sametime 8.x is no longer supported. To be on the latest and greatest Sametime version, Sametime v11 should be your new friend. It is HCL-branded, has no more IBM dependencies (no Db2, no WebSphere) and fully supports 64-bit operating systems — both Windows and Linux (including Domino). Sametime v11 is embedded in Notes v11 and comes with a lot of UX modernization, simplified installation of servers and clients, and now supported on Docker. It also offers persistent chat, with the ability to receive messages immediately and on all clients (desktop, mobile, and browser) concurrently, as well as third-party conferencing integration with products such as Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Jitsi. You’ll also get a brand-new web client: Built from scratch on React, the new Sametime web client is modern, lightweight, and fast. Currently, it is designed to work on its own and will include in the soon-to-come thin client. This new web client is consistent with the new HCL product design guidelines, so the UX is simple and uncluttered. Getting started Two words: Deploy and migrate. Deploy: Deploy HCL Sametime v11 as described in the Sametime v11 installation and administration documentation (provided with the product release), re-create environment settings, and any custom policies and configuration for the Sametime Community Server. Use the Sametime v11 client builds provided with Sametime v11 GA, to upgrade users from Sametime 8.x and any older clients to the new V11 release. Migrate: Due to the core architecture and design changes in Sametime v11 compared to Sametime 8.x release, it is not possible to perform an in-place...
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