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GraphQL for Commerce
Marketing & Commerce | December 20, 2021
GraphQL for Commerce – Making life easier for front end developers
HCL Commerce exposes GraphQL APIs alongside REST so they can be adopted incrementally in an existing REST-based front-end/client application.
integrate HCL VersionVault Express and HCL Compass
Secure DevOps | November 12, 2021
Using web hooks to integrate HCL VersionVault Express and HCL Compass
Learn how to WebHook receivers connect to VersionVault Express and Compass, and for information on how to install the WebHooks package, read this blog in detail here.
HCL Commerce’s Personalization Capabilities
Marketing & Commerce | November 8, 2021
See What’s Possible with HCL Commerce’s Personalization Capabilities
HCL Commerce offers a vast array of personalization options using the marketing engine and search rules. When combined, you can create a unique experience.
Managing projects and project users with VersionVault Express REST APIs
Secure DevOps | October 25, 2021
Managing projects and project users with VersionVault Express REST APIs
VersionVault Express allows development teams to manage their projects and members via a welcoming, simplified user interface.
HCL Compass Rest APIs In Action
Secure DevOps | September 20, 2021
HCL Compass Rest APIs In Action
Learn about RESTFUL services of HCL Compass 2.0.2 version that helps to build or interact with applications based on Compass data.
You Need Cloud Native Enterprise Apps
Cloud Native | July 20, 2021
You Need Cloud Native Enterprise Apps? We Have You Covered!
SoFy allows you to deploy enterprise software in minutes on the cloud of choice–without vendor lock-in–and scale to enterprise needs. Read more.
Cloud Native | March 30, 2021
Introducing HCL SoFy – The Next Generation Software Development Accelerator
HCL SoFy amplifies the integration of world-class HCLSoftware products and services to generate a customized solution quickly and easily.
Optimize Compass for performance
Secure DevOps | October 13, 2020
Using a proxy and API gateway to optimize Compass for performance
HCL Compass 2.0 introduced a new suite of REST APIs and a refreshed user interface. Read the blog to learn how these new HCL Compass interfaces are designed.
managing workflows with HCL Compass
Secure DevOps | August 31, 2020
Unlock new possibilities for managing workflows with HCL Compass’s REST APIs
Compass - HCL’s workflow management software, recently hit version 1.0.1, which includes a suite of REST APIs that enable a wide array of new interactions.
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