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Marketing & Commerce | January 9, 2019
IBM Marketing Platform Single Sign on with Google Authentication
Starting with version 9.1.1, IBM Marketing Platform supports federated authentication, which can be configured for single sign-on with external entities such as Google, Salesforce, Amazon, or the customer’s in-house authentication.
Marketing & Commerce | August 13, 2018
Thanks for Contacting Support!
​If you encounter a problem that you cannot resolve by consulting the documentation or the Portal, your company’s designated support contact can log a case with Technical Support.
Uncategorized | June 7, 2018
WebSphere Applications Server Redirects to an Internal Port when used with a Load Balancer or Proxy server’s friendly URL when using Interact Runtime Administration Page Test client
The port number on which the WebSphere application server is listening is added to a request from Interact runtime admin page test client. This causes the requests from the test client to fail.
Uncategorized | May 29, 2018
The King is Dead, Long Live the King.
The realm of marketing is all around us. Everywhere we go messages from vendors and suppliers encourage us to spend more, try new products, improve our customer experience.
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