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Power of personalization - 5 strategies to deploy your campaign
Marketing & Commerce | May 2, 2023
Elevate Your Marketing Game: 5 Personalization Strategies to Deploy a Successful Campaign
Learn the secret sauce to impeccable timing and striking a chord with your audience in Part 3 of our series on personalization. Discover the art of pinpointing the ideal moment to implement personalized marketing and create meaningful connections with your customers. Tailor your messages and drive higher engagement, loyalty, and revenue.
HCL Commerce’s Personalization Capabilities
Marketing & Commerce | November 8, 2021
See What’s Possible with HCL Commerce’s Personalization Capabilities
HCL Commerce offers a vast array of personalization options using the marketing engine and search rules. When combined, you can create a unique experience.
2021 Loyalty Program Trends
Marketing & Commerce | March 31, 2021
2021 Loyalty Program Trends
Looking deeper into 2021, some successful brands will deepen their relationships with their customers and experience growth by leveraging their loyalty programs.
From Campaigns to Engaging Conversations
Marketing & Commerce | May 27, 2020
From Campaigns to Engaging Conversations
Almost 10 years ago, Forrester declared that we were entering “the age of the consumer. A 20-year business cycle in which the most successful enterprises will reinvent themselves to understand and serve increasingly powerful consumers systematically.”
Leverage the power of Triggered Messages in Unica Interact
Marketing & Commerce | April 8, 2020
Leverage the power of Triggered Messages in Unica Interact
We have customers everywhere. Every customer engages with your brand on different channels and in a different manner.
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