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Accelerate Blog
Automation | June 22, 2022
Best Practices for Patching Workstations
BigFix Technical Advisor has recently published a blog about best patching practices using BigFix. Read here to know more.
Fix More with BigFix
Automation | May 2, 2022
Find More, Fix More and Do More…with BigFix
Each BigFix management server is capable of managing 300,000 endpoints. Understand how BigFix remediates vulnerabilities and reduces risk fast.
Is Patch Tuesday Dead
Automation | April 22, 2022
Is Patch Tuesday Dead?
The power and flexibility of BigFix’s intelligent automation can leverage Windows Autopatch in new and productive ways.
HCL BigFix for Managed Service Providers
Automation | April 12, 2022
HCL BigFix for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) 
Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to help them keep their multiplatform endpoints continuously patched and compliant. Read this blog to know more.
HCL BigFix in Higher Education
Automation | April 6, 2022
HCL BigFix in Higher Education
The HCL BigFix enables manage both university and student-owned endpoints. Learn why higher education customers use BigFixi in their IT department.
Google Chrome vulnerability
Automation | March 29, 2022
Google Chrome vulnerability threatens nearly 83% of the worlds endpoints – How BigFix can help 
Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are forcing both companies to push emergency updates to address this critical issue. For more information, read this blog.
BigFix Extended Patch Expands Remediation Content
Automation | March 23, 2022
BigFix Extended Patch Expands Remediation Content to Hundreds of Third-party Software Titles 
BigFix Extended Patch is included with the BigFix Lifecycle and Compliance suites and will continually expand to add more over time. Read to know more.
Best Endpoint Management Solution
Automation | December 15, 2021
NEW! A Buyers Guide for Selecting the Best Endpoint Management Solution
Read new buyer’s guide lists more than 175 functions and capabilities that characterize an effective endpoint management platform. DOWNLOAD this new buyer’s guide for free!
Log4j: Putting Effective IT Operations at Center Stage
Automation | December 14, 2021
Log4j: Putting Effective IT Operations at Center Stage
Apache Log4j has been embedded in hundreds of Internet services and products from companies worldwide, including Apple, Amazon, etc. Read to know more.
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