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Secure DevOps | January 21, 2022
HCL OneTest – Working to Make Maintenance Easier
HCL OneTest provides a suite of products that enables organizations to improve their software quality. Read on for insights into how we are working to make test maintenance easier with a unified, next generation approach.
Secure DevOps | March 31, 2021
Advancing Avionics Verification and Validation
Reducing delays in avionics software engineering projects is extremely difficult due to the risk of failure in the software – where an error could result in fatal loss. In fact, more than 90% of their software verification and validation projects are delivered late.
Secure DevOps | February 3, 2021
HCL OneTest Version 10.1.2 Brings Cool Enhancements to API, Virtualization
HCL OneTest version 10.1.2 is now available. And, while it is predominantly a fix pack, our team has included some exciting new capabilities in this release.
Secure DevOps | August 28, 2020
Virtualizing Middle-Tier and Back-end Applications
During the testing process, delivery is often challenged by the fact that different development teams move at different velocities.
Secure DevOps | August 7, 2020
Here’s what makes HCL Software DevOps different
There are plenty of DevOps products out on the market that are available today, so what makes the HCL Software DevOps portfolio so different?
Secure DevOps | February 7, 2020
Optimizing and Automating Complex Workloads for Greater IT Efficiency
Testing teams can often be unhappy with their existing framework due to daily instabilities in execution, resulting in tests hanging or producing false-positive outcomes, leading to significant manual effort post-execution.
Automation | January 24, 2020
Dispelling Continuous Testing Myths
You may have seen the term “continuous testing” and thought it was just the DevOps flavor of the month. Some might even think it isn’t part of DevOps or isn’t for cloud or hybrid cloud applications.
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