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Ensure Optimal ROI of Your Mainframe Assets
Mainframes | May 13, 2021
Ensure Optimal ROI of Your Mainframe Assets
Learn how HCL Z Asset Optimizer can discover an inventory of software assets and their usage to help you to simplify asset management.
New Capabilities of HCL Z Asset Optimizer
Mainframes | March 16, 2021
The 3 New Capabilities of HCL Z Asset Optimizer v2.1
HCL Z Asset Optimizer is a market-leading mainframe asset management solution for discovering and monitoring software assets on the IBM System Z platform.
Workload Automation instructional videos
Automation | July 24, 2020
Stay tuned! New Workload Automation instructional videos coming your way!
How-to videos are now live on the Workload Automation YouTube channel. Video is a unique way of communicating a lot of information in a short period of time. They allow you to retain more information, understand concepts more rapidly and make you more enthusiastic about what you are learning.
HCL Workload Automation for Z
Automation | December 9, 2019
Elevate the value of your mainframe investments: Say hello to HCL Workload Automation for Z
Mainframe essentially keeps the world running." It may sound bold but it’s true. The quote above, which is from an IBM executive, Philip MacLochlainn, is indeed supported by stunning figures: “85% of all credit cards, 29 billion ATM transactions per year, 92 of the top 100 banks ... 12 billion passenger flights are booked” thanks to mainframe. And it makes no wonder to whom is familiar with mainframe’s history and the story of workload scheduling and management, which we contributed to write. If indeed the path of workload automation on the mainframe dates back to the 70s, it never stopped running towards the future, without leaving beyond the characteristics which made the mainframe the choice of thousands of customers worldwide: reliability, stability and high performances.
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